Ensure Online Safety of Your Child with Ekavach App


online safety of your child with ekavach

I remember the video of a man being killed by the tiger in Delhi zoo which had gone viral even before it was shown on TV.

Did you know that the video was majorly watched by kids and children?

A son of the rich merchant who got killed for ransom by the strangers he met via a major social media community?

The in-numerous cases of blackmail suicides you read in newspaper everyday?

Now the most important!!

‘What if it was YOUR child?’, ‘What if it was MY child?’ in all the above mentioned scenarios!

Trust me as a mother, as a parent my heart starts thumping faster!!

This is the digital era and screen-age I am talking about where information about anything and everything is available in all the screen formats like Ipads, Iphones, tabs, laptops at the snap of your fingers!

How Safe is Your Child Online? Find out with Ekavach:

Look around you; major chunk is children, teenagers or a group sharing things from their phones, Ipads, laptops isn’t?

Do you know which all sites they are browsing? Whom they are talking to? if they are even responding to threatening black mails? accessing and being addictive to adult sites? Being bullied online?

Here I want to introduce to you to ‘Ekavach’ – India’s most comprehensive digital parenting application.

Ekavach – Your Child’s Online Guardian:

ekavach app

  • What is Ekavach?

Ekavach or electronic kavach is a monitoring app that lets you aware about the activities of your children online and social media.

It provides real time monitoring and prevention of cyber crimes, online bullying or impostors your child could be exposed to.

  • Why the name Ekavach?

Kavach in Sanskrit means shield.

Ekavach acts as a mobile electronic shield to protect your children online from cyber bullying, inappropriate web content and other online security risks.

  • Who is the founder of  Ekavach?

Ekavach is the brain child of Noopur Raghunath.

The inspiration for Ekavach was sown in her when she heard about the discussion on today’s kids being exposed to uninterrupted and unmonitored  online information online.

One of her friends had wished for that single kid control button which could monitor her kid’s online activities and she was ready to pay the double price for it too. The idea of Ekavach started then and there for Noopur.

  • What are the common online pitfalls for children?

Hate mails, fake profiles, digitally altered photographs, gambling, internet chat rooms, inappropriate adult content, online bullying etc are some of the online pitfalls for children.

Children often do not open up to adults about online bullying or any other threats/addiction due to fear of punishment.

Depression and anxiety are the results which can cause imbalance in a child’s mental and physical growth.

  • What are the features of Ekavach Ver. 1.0?
  1. Intelligent Web Filtering: giving insight to your child’s online activity
  2. Application Management : To know about the apps used by the child and usage time
  3. Access Control: Helps you to choose to block sites, set appropriate limits and enable safe search
  4. Real-time alerts: Looks for questionable activities and sends an instant notification to your phone
  5. Smartphone Notifications & Dashboard : Real time notifications to your phone the moment any boundaries set by you have been breached by your child.
  6. Multi user and flexible family definition : With the ability to customize each child’s internet experience you can monitor and control as many devices as you need.
  7. Safe Search : Provides Safe Search across all popular browsers and also through a list of Search apps. Apps supported by eKAVACH are Yahoo, Bing and Google.

Features of Ekavach Ver 2.0 : Social media monitoring, IM & chat room monitoring, SMS & call monitoring and cyber bullying protection

  • How can Ekavach ensure my child’s safety online?

By all the features mentioned above, Ekavach can notify you real time when your child gets out of the online boundaries defined by you.

A real time dashboard and access control adds up to the functionality. You can check out the Ekavach website too.

  • What are the pricing options available for Ekavach?

Ekavach 1.0 is free for a limited period. The versions 2.0 and 3.0 will be premium ones.

  • How can I download Ekavach?

EKavach is available for FREE download on Google Playstore and iOS Apple Store . You can connect with the Ekavach via their FB page and Twitter profiles too.

  • Would you as a parenting blogger support and encourage the use of Ekavach?

Obviously a BIG YES !!

India stands third in cyber bullying in the global youth online behavior survey conducted by Microsoft.

Our children are not safe provided the internet freedom they are exposed to.

As a parent lets take care of their complete safety in both physical as well as online world.

On this Children’s day let’s pledge the safety and security of our children with Ekavach!!

Happy and Secured Pareting!!


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  1. Hats off….such a good software it is …my 2 year searching all day for her favorite cartoons on IPad …..sometimes I was sooo worried about this but now I have a option….a big yes to this software….

  2. Such a useful information for all the parents.first time I am hearing of this app.hats off to you sangeet for sharing informative and useful posts like this.expecting more and more from your side…keep going

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