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I was planning to a do a small DIY for my little one for republic day. Something like a flag or a pin up on her frock with the tricolor.

However something just crossed my mind. How will it benefit her? How will it make her aware of the importance of Republic day? She would be happy that mamma has helped me do something new. But I don’t see any value add. The piece of craft will fade off leaving no impact on my little one.

In fact Republic day should be a DIY for every parent so that we imbibe the patriotic spirit in our children.

Republic Day DIY for parents to instil the essence in children:

The country needs better citizens, better human beings.  Here is the small DIY exercise for all parents to be done each day of our parenthood. Small gestures that will definitely make our kids the ideal citizens of tomorrow.

  1. Instil patriotic values in your child:

Like we teach our children poems and recitals we should teach them the national anthem as well.

  1. Teach them to respect National flag and anthem:

Teach them to salute the national flag and stand up whenever there is a national anthem being played. So on your next visit to a movie stall ensure that your little one also stands up with you during the national anthem recital.

  1. Get introduced them to the events on Republic day:

Show them the republic day parade on the TV, take them to a flag hoisting ceremony to get first hand experience. For the older lot you can tell them short stories of the freedom struggle with all the national leaders as characters.

  1. Enroll them in Republic day events/activities:

Most schools have activities like drawing, painting competition, patriotic singing competition or a fancy dress. Ensure that your child is a part of some such activity.

Remember activities done in school time stays with you for lifetime.

  1. Watch a patriotic movie with them:

You could pitch in with your stories to make it interesting so that they get the message of ‘Love for one’s country’.

  1. Arrange a productive get together:

If you stay in a society with many kids you could arrange for a small get together with a General knowledge quiz about the country or have a fancy dress. Encourage children and adults to dress up patriotically.

  1. Celebrate the national festival like your own:

The way you act, your children will react when they are older.

  1. Take your kids to witness the history of India:

In their growing years take them to the places that hold a significant place in the history of indian independence like the Rajghat, Red fort, Rajpath in Delhi and other places. These visits leave a positive influence on them in their growing years.

  1. Teach them the fundamental rights and duties:

Children must also be taught fundamentals of their rights, duties and the basic law so that when they grow up they are mature and well informed of their roles as citizens. Like teach your child to keep his / her surrounding clean .

  1. Instill goodness in your child:

The concept that the sacrifice for nation is higher and of greater value than personal satisfaction should be made clear by making them do good deeds and asking them how they felt to make one poor person smile today because of their act.

I am sure each of us as a parent will be willing to do this DIY and produce better citizens for this great country.

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Happy Republic day ! Jay hind !

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