Why My Daughter Got Up Frequently At Night ?


vehicle-69771_640Hi Lovely readers , happy Saturday. How are you doing ? I am doing good , it’s so cold in the morning and we don’t feel like getting up from bed isn’t ? Yesterday I took Anshika to my office. I was surprised at her behavior – the brat behaved like a silent lamb there giving me I -will-cry-anytime-pick-me-up-mamma looks all the time. My colleagues all were excited to see her for the first time , but she gave strange looks to all of them and avoided them completely. Well kids isn’t ? We can’t predict them. Okay today’s post is about why my daughter got up frequently at night.

Well if you follow my posts , you might know that I had weaned Anshika completely off breastfeeding at 1.5 years. From then she started having a god night sleep of 8-9 hours (touchwood). But these days Anshika has started getting up at night like 2-4 AM and cries. The reasons I got were – hungry / cold/ heat due to layered dressing / wet diaper / mosquitoes.

Hungry not a possibility as I make sure she has a good balanced dinner. Cold no way she is well clothed in night suits and socks . Heat no way too as she is in a comfortable night suits meant for winters. Mosquitoes , no-no as I am using a good mosquito repellent. The remaining one yes wet diaper was the one who stole my daughter’s sleep.

So yesterday when she woke up at 2 AM, I decided to check her diaper. Oh my I was surprised to see a very heavy diaper that too like ice-cold. No wonder she felt cold there and lost her sleep. I make it a point to put on fresh diaper for her just before putting her to sleep, but within 2-3 hours it weighs equivalent to a 1/2 kg cold sack :(.

I felt sad and guilty. I should have checked my daughter’s diaper when she cried the previous night too. Hmmm. So yesterday I woke up and changed her diaper. She slept peacefully till 9 AM today :). Ask me how happy I am :):)

So if your baby / kid is having sleepless nights or interrupted sleep these days, make sure you check these things out . Hunger – Cold – Heat – Mosquitoes and yeah Wet Diapers !! Babies and kids urinate more frequently in winters and thus lose body heat quickly.

Happy weekend , catch you tomorrow with another post. Till then its mamma mia :):)


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Sangeetha loves balancing her personal and professional life. These days, the major chunk of her time is spent on listening to 'how to beat the Piggy from robloks'; thanks to her 8 year old daughter.


  1. Hi My daughter Harini is two years old, so. Long she didn’t have mid night waking habit. But from last one month between 1-3am she wakes and cries for no reason.I have tried giving food but c ‘ll avoid, no water also. Fully covered clothes for night sleep, also good air circulated room, also her diaper is dry . So couldn’t find out reason

  2. I will share an experience which happened, around a couple of months back. One night my baby frequently got up, cried for a while & rolled uncomfortably. As usual, I thought she was hungry so I fed her and she slept. This happened every half an hour to one hour. At around 4am, I decided to check her diaper and lo behold…… I found that she had passed her stool long back, which had dried up completely and due to which, she had ugly rashes. I was so damn upset because this happened due to my carelessness. I usually apply Himalaya Rash cream and then only I diaper her but the tube had got over during that time and I had not purchased a new one for about a week. I could have applied any cold cream and atleast reduced the intensity of the rashes. It was really a big time experience for me and I can’t forget till date. Now everytime I diaper her, I make sure that she is perfectly and freshly moisturized with the rash cream and incase of its absence, any good cold cream can do the work but I would always recommend Himalaya’s. Its reasonably priced and lavishly available in the market.

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