40 Mess Free Fun Filled Birthday Party Games For Kids


Looking for birthday party games for kids to keep your little guests entertained?

Want to make your little one’s birthday a memorable one?

Do you wish to make your baby’s birthday an interactive one full of fun activities?

Are you all set to become the best entertaining host ?

40 birthday party games for kidsBirthdays are a nature’s way of saying ‘Celebrate more’; taking it too seriously is what we ought to learn from a kid’s birthday bash. 🙂

Most of us are celebration freaks. We just wait for the time to bang the celebration and throw a party. May it be the baby shower, baby birth, naming ceremony etc.

Pretty obviously, birthdays too call for a celebration. Your child turns 1, 2, 3 and so on and all we want is to make arrangements for them to create a special day, give them the red carpet treatment!


Talking about celebrating your child’s birthday, you must not forget that it is her big day. A child would definitely not entertain you to scapegoat their birthdays for your kitty party friends/office colleagues/friends and relatives.

There has to be company for the birthday boy/girl, same age group children and lots of fun lined up for the day. So all we got to make sure is become a child and design a super agenda that enthrall children.

Let’s talk about 40 birthday party games for kids that you can easily organize at your small wonder’s Birthday.

#1. Musical chair

Oldest popular game played at birthdays. You got to put one chair less than the number of children joining the game.

Turn on the music and let the children move around chairs. All of them have to take a chair and be seated once the music stops. One kid remaining is out of the game. Continue removing 1 chair after each round till only one chair and two kids are left.

The kid who manages to sit in the only chair left at the stop of the music wins.

#2. Passing the parcel

This is one of classic birthday party games for kids. I can’t remember any of my childhood parties without this game.

Children sit in a circle formation and start passing a little object like cushion filler or ball once the music starts. The one who has the parcel at the stop of music is out. One who manages to stay till end wins.

#3. Musical bumps

All children have to dance to the music. Once the music stops, they have to sit down at the place they are. The last child to sit is out.

#4. Toothpick game

Let the children stand in the front of a large table with a toothpick pack and banana in front of each of them. When the music starts, they have to start piercing toothpicks into the banana, one toothpick at a time. When the music stops after say 20 seconds, count the toothpicks drilled in the banana. The child who managed to pierce maximum tooth picks wins.

#5. Dance on the paper sheet

Form groups of 2 children who have to start dancing on a sheet of a paper without stepping out of the sheet until the music stops. The duo that steps out of the sheet is out of the game. Next, the sheet is to be folded half every time a duo is out and the last duo that manages to dance within the sheet throughout wins.

#6. Musical statue

Children have to dance to the music and freeze once the music stops. The child who shakes or moves will be out.

#7. Sleepy monkeys

All children have to pretend to be sleeping. One adult moves around and distracts the sleepy monkey by tickling or making funny noises. The monkey that moves, giggles or gets distracted will be out. The one who manages to stay still till last in spite of being tickled or distracted wins.

#8. Frog race

All of us might have played this game at least once in our lifetime. Pass on the game so that it is played by generations. Sit on all fours like a frog and race.

#9. Follow the leader

You may become the leader and the kids got to follow what action you do like jumping, rolling, turning, and clapping. The one who missed to follow leader’s actions is out.

#10. Burst the balloon

Children have to burst the balloon containing a little gift or toffees without using anything but their bums.

#11. Memory tray

Set a tray consisting various stuff like socks, toffees, scarf, handkerchief etc. Let the kids have a look at the tray for a minute to memorize things. Give them pencil and papers to list down everything they saw in 60 seconds. The child who lists the maximum things correctly within the time will win.

#12. Surprise balloons

In each balloon stuck on the walls, you got to place a piece of paper that describes either a gift or a boo-boo. Children get a chance to burst their choice of balloon with a pin. They get what’s inside.

#13. Spin the bottle

Make the kids sit in a circle with a table in the center. Spin a bottle. When the bottle stops, look for the kid towards who the top of the bottle points. That kid is out and can be asked to do a penalty dance, tell a story or sing a rhyme.

#14. Eat the Cupcake

Place 2- 4 mini cup cakes in front of each kid on a large table. Set the duration low so that the kids don’t face stomach upset, no gulping allowed. At the end of 15 seconds, the kid who is left with minimum cupcakes wins. This game can also be played in teams.

birthday party games

#15. Tie the ribbon

Hand over kids with many ribbons. At the beep, they have to start tying the ribbons on a cylindrical object or momma’s hand. Set the duration 1 or 2 minutes. At the end, the child who knots maximum ribbons wins.

#16. Tic-tic pins

Place a dozen of tic tic pins in front of each child participating. I’m sure there will be more of girls to play this one. When the time starts, they got to start pinning their hair with the pins. At the end of 30 seconds, the one with maximum pins wins.

birthday party game for girls

#17. Nail paint game

Let the kids have nail paints and ask them to go paint nails of as many lady guests in 60 seconds. The kid who paints maximum nails in a minute wins. This can be a little messy but we have nail polish removers for that.

#18. Balance the books

Keep a pile of 3 to 4 books on each child’s head and ask them to walk forward/backward till the end point without the books falling. Hands have to be put behind.

#19. Balance the lemon on spoon

Give a lemon in the spoon to each child. The tail of the spoon has to be held in the mouth, and hands behind. Let them have a race and the one who manages to reach the finish line with the lemon still on the spoon wins.

#20. The mummy

This is a group game. One person has to be tied up like a ‘mummy’ by the other 3 players using the toilet paper roll. The team that makes the best mummy in say 2 minutes wins.

#21. Button up

This is the best quick game. Kids have to be handed over shirts. They have to button up themselves with the shirt provided. The kid who buttons maximum at the end of 10 seconds wins.

#22. Truth or dare

Nostalgia is what I term it as. Kids too can play the game of truth and dare with the spin of a bottle. The kid in the circle towards whom the top of the bottle points has to choose to either speak a truth on the question asked or dare to do some act. :-D. Always give them some age appropriate act to do.

#23. Crawling race

One parent stands on the other end facing the kid who has to reach the parent by crawling on the scream of a whistle. The child who first reaches his/her parent is the winner. This is one of the good birthday party games for toddlers.

#24. Bean sack

Toddler birthday party activities which includes their parents is always fun. Here one parent has to carry the child on their back holding their hands and legs tight and run/walk fast to reach the end point first.

#25. Socks game

Any one parent is handed over a basket of a dozen socks. The children have to start wearing socks one over another when the time starts. The kid with maximum socks at the end of 60 seconds wins.
birthday party games idea
#26. Scavenger hunt

Hide little objects, almost ten of them like a lego mini figure, a mini car etc at different places. Put the hidden things in the list. Divide children into two teams and hand them over the list to find the hidden articles in given time. This is one of the best outdoor party games for kids.

#27. Food on the string

Suspend small bread bun or fruit pieces tied in strings at an appropriate height depending on height of children. The kids shouldnot use their hands. They have to eat this suspended food. The child finishing off the maximum pieces in 2 minutes wins. Take care the food pieces are easy to eat, doesn’t choke and don’t have seeds.

#28. The big balloon/piñata

A big birthday balloon has to be filled with candies, whistles, bands, candles and other little birthday goodies. The child has to collect as many goodies as possible once the balloon bursts. The kid with maximum goodies gets the crown/tiara.

#29. Who Am I?

Read out to kids one short description about any place, thing, animal, bird, or personality and let them guess what you are talking about. They raise hands if they know the answer. Give the first one to raise hands the chance to answer. Every correct answer gets a little surprise.

#30. Pin the tail

A large animal like a giraffe or lion can be drawn on the cardboard and cut out. The player is blindfolded and asked to pin the tail at the right spot.

#31. Identify the fruits/vegetables

Set a basket of variety of fruits or vegetables. Divide teams and the team that identifies maximum number of object correctly with blind folded eyes wins.

blindfold birthday games for kids

#32. Identify your friend

One child with a blind fold has to identify other friends by touching or by hearing their voice. Gratify the child who makes the maximum correct guesses.

birthday party games idea

#33. Fish Pond

Be ready with commands on small pieces of paper, close them and put them in a big bowl. This game can be a second step game for any games like passing the parcel, musical chair. The person who is out has to pick a chit and follow the command. You can do a variety of commands like ‘Dance to your favorite song’, ‘Mimic your favorite character’, etc.

#34. Simon Says

This is a traditional birthday party game. An adult who can think quickly is apt to host this game. He can give instructions to the kids preceded by “Simon Says”. For example:

“Simon says touch your nose”

“Simon says clap your hands”

The children follow the instructions only if the instruction is preceded by “Simon says”. When the adult gives an instruction without the words “Simon Says” and if a kid follows the instruction he is out of the game.

#35. Pick with a chopstick

Set up two tables about 6 to 7 feet apart. Place small bowls on each table. Fill each bowl in one table with small things like raisins, peanuts or cashews. Give the participants a chopstick each. Let them pick these little things, one at a time, with a chopstick and transfer to the bowl at the other table within the given time. The kid who transfers the most items wins.

birthday party games for kids

#36. Who brings it first

You should stand on the dice and ask the kids to collect random goodies like a red pen or a purse with photo or a eyeliner or lipstick etc. from the adult guests present. The child to collect the item first and hand it over to you wins.

#37. Blow the balloon

Give many balloons to kids. The kid to blow maximum balloons in the given time wins the game.

#38. Float the balloon

Ask kids to blow on the balloon given to them and keep them up in the air. See who can manage to float the balloon in the air the longest by blowing the balloons up and not using their hands.

#39. Corner game

This is one of the easy indoor birthday party games for kids. Number the corners of your party hall as 1, 2, 3 and 4. Write one number each on small pieces of paper, fold and put them in a bowl.

Play music and let kids dance. When music stops kids have to go and stand at any one corner they prefer. The birthday boy/girl can select a number randomly from the bowl and the kids standing in the corner with the selected number is out of the game. The one who manages to stay in any corner till end wins the game.

#40. Find your name

Write your little guests name in small pieces of papers and hide it in the party hall. The kids have to search and find the paper with their own name. The child to find his/her name first wins.


Games as a part of birthday celebration promote a lot of team building, skills, recognition and knowledge among children. They also get to learn more about socializing. Select games that fit best according to your child’s age and age of kids invited from the list. Let the kids have fun at your little one’s birthday bash.

What are your birthday party games for kids?

Do you have any fun children’s party games ideas? Do share with us in the comments.

Wishing you a happy birthday and more years to celebrate 🙂


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  1. Hi ! Am a mom to a six year old heartthrob son and twelve year old princess. They have their birthdays a week apart in oct and it gets really difficult to figure out the birthday party games for both of them. Moreso i am a full time working mom and want to make my kids feel special on their special day with mommy around the whole day and fully involved. Your birthday games ideas saved me and i can now happily choose which games to include.

    You are a Savior, God Bless You !

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