7 Weeks Pregnant – What To Expect (A Complete Guide)


What to expect when you are 7 weeks pregnant?

What is your baby like when you are 7 weeks pregnant?

What are the pregnancy symptoms and do’s and don’ts?

7 week pregnantWeek 6 is over and hope it was kind to all you soon to be mommies. But let us concentrate on the positives, you have crossed the halfway mark of the first trimester. It also means that you are one week closer to holding your little one in your arms.

It has been an eventful couple of weeks hasn’t it? This week is going to be no different. There is quite a lot happening in terms of the baby’s development.

Let us check out what is in store for you in the 7th week of your pregnancy.

Pregnancy symptoms at 7th week of pregnancy:

Here are some of the symptoms you will feel at 7th week of your pregnancy phase.

#1. Sore breasts

Your breast have started to feel quite alien to you. They feel sore, tender and sensitive than before.

Your areolas would have become darker and you see that veins look much more pronounced than before. This is all because of the hormones progesterone and oestrogen. Not just that, there is an increased blood flow to your breasts, which is why it feels super sensitive.

#2. Nausea

Sorry ladies, this symptom is still very much there. But the exceptionally lucky ones are not so affected by nausea. You need to devise creative methods to keep the food down as your body needs energy and it needs to stay healthy throughout the pregnancy.

#3. Fatigue

You are so tired and yet you don’t know why. Once you know what all is happening inside your body it would be no surprise. With the nausea, you might feel weaker. So try to eat food items that ward the nausea off and help with the fatigue.

#4. Cravings

You have some pretty strong likes and dislikes for certain food items. You may even start to crave for food items that you never liked before. Make sure to indulge only the healthy cravings and not the unhealthy ones.

Read about these 10 weird pregnancy cravings to ensure that your craving is not featured on this list.

#5. Frequent urge to urinate

You are still camping out at the toilet. Is it normal? Yes, it is! Your body is producing hCG or Human Chorionic Gonadotropin. This hormone also increases the blow flow to the pelvic area. But an inconvenient situation that arises due to the increased blood flow is the frequent urge to pee.

#6. Headaches

Your head hurts and you might feel like popping a pain killer or two, but resist the urge to do that. Only take medicines that are cleared by your doctor and that too only in the dosage prescribed.

#7. Feeling hot

Suddenly you feel like you are living in a furnace. This is also a common symptom that most of the moms to be experience. It happens because during pregnancy, the dilated blood vessels cause the blood supply to the skin to increase. Hormones and increased metabolic rates also play their part and make it hot.

#8. Excessive saliva

Some mommas say that they feel that they are salivating more than before. You may feel that now you can compete with your pet dog. This is called Ptyalism and is nothing to worry about. 

#9. Heartburn

Oh as if you weren’t having it tough with the nausea and cravings, now you have to deal with heart burn too!!

Before you complain you need to know that, during pregnancy, Progesterone makes the muscles of the uterus relaxed, so that it can accommodate the growing baby, but it also relaxes the valve that separates the food pipe and the stomach. This is the valve that keep the acids of the stomach from entering the food pipe or oesophagus. The growing uterus pushes into the stomach leading to the acids to enter the food pipe, and the relaxed valve can’t stop it. Thus you have the acid reflux or in layman terms heartburn. This can get worse as your belly grows. 

Abdominal cramps and spotting can also worry you sometimes at this period. To know what is normal and what is not read the below posts.


What to expect when you are 7 weeks pregnant?

By the seventh week of pregnancy you would have put on a bit of weight as well. The morning sickness is probably making you feel like avoiding food altogether but hold yourself together! It might get better the next trimester.

7 Weeks pregnant – Changes in your body

You still don’t really look pregnant. But you definitely feel so thanks to a bloated feeling that refuses to go away. Comfortable pyjamas have become your go to choice of attire and jeans slowly start to fall out of favour. Your breasts have also become bigger.

Some may notice that stretch marks have started appearing. The appearance is not restricted to the stomach. It can even be found on your breasts and thighs as well. Since your skin will stretch in the coming months to accommodate your growing baby, the appearance of stretch marks are unavoidable. But you can make it less severe by ensuring that you gain weight gradually.

During the first trimester you are expected to put on 1-2 kgs of weight. Some ladies might lose weight initially, owing to morning sickness. In most cases it is not much and it will pick up. But in case you are finding it difficult to cope, read How to tackle morning sickness.

Your 7 week pregnant uterus:

Your uterus has grown in size. You may think it is not much but compared to the size that it was at the time of conception, it has definitely gotten bigger.

The cervix is tender but the mucous is getting thicker. It needs to, for it will keep the amniotic fluid in the womb till the time of delivery.

Baby at 7 weeks in womb

Your little one is almost 13 mm now or size of a blueberry!!! It may not seem like much and you just want the whole ordeal to get over and hold the little one in your arms.

He/she has started developing facial features. A scan at this time can spot the translucent eyelids that are partially covering the eyes.

The muscular and skeletal system is developing but the intestines are completely formed. The liver has started to produce red blood cells and the hands and feet which look more like paddles are also emerging from the arms and legs that are still developing.

The 7 week old fetus will have a small tail, which is the extension of the embryo’s tailbone.

Your baby also has a heartbeat. He/she is also working towards producing the kidneys.

foetus size at 7 week pregnant

Diet during 7th week of pregnancy:

You have to be creative during pregnancy as you have to ensure that you eat enough to meet your body’s requirements and not throw up!

Be a good girl and do what your mom told you when you were a small kid – Eat healthy, eat your greens! Remember you are setting the basics right for your child. Your child depends on you to get his nutrients, so eat up, and eat healthy.

The calorie intake during the pregnancy differs from person depending on their age, BMI at the time of conception, metabolism rate and number of babies in the womb. But in the first trimester you don’t need any additional calories. But you should ensure you eat a balanced diet and get the following nutrients.

  • Folate– It is found in dark green leafy vegetables, beans.
  • Protein– Can be found in lean meat, eggs, soy products, legumes and pulses.
  • Calcium– Dairy products are a good source of calcium.
  • Iron– Eat meat, spinach, pomegranate, nuts, pulses for iron.
  • Zinc– Found in meat, seafood, nuts, whole grains and legumes.
  • Vitamin C– Citrus fruits, grapes are good sources.
  • Sodium is good but do not consume in excess.


There are certain food items that you should stay clear from. Do you know what they are? Relax, it is not too big a list. Find out all about it by reading the 10 foods to avoid during pregnancy.


Apart from food you need to take your supplements too. These supplements help fill the gap in your daily requirements. The most important of them all is Folic acid. Ask your doctor for what all supplements are required at this stage.

Time to play

Pregnancy is said to be a beautiful experience. But ask the moms to be, they might not agree! There is so much to deal with and the hormones don’t help either. So let us try make the pregnancy fun by playing a small game. It is called – Guess who the baby looks like!

As you know by week 7 the facial features have started to develop. I am pretty sure it has you feeling curious. It is a very simple game and all you need is a paper and pen (for both of you).

Write down the various features like face shape, eyes, eye color, nose, mouth etc.

You can include height too if you are feeling adventurous.

Both papers should have the same features listed on it.

Now, you and your partner should write down who your baby resembles (feature by feature). No peeking.

Fold both the papers and put it in an envelope.

Open this on the day your little one arrives to find out who got the maximum number of correct answers.

You can also read the 10 Movies to watch when you are expecting.

Tips for 7th week of pregnancy

Wear comfortable clothes- If you are feeling bloated, wear clothes that don’t make you feel uncomfortable. Trade your skinny jeans for pyjamas.

Mood swings getting the better of you? Try these 5 ways to beat pregnancy mood swings.

If it is morning sickness that is troubling you, read how to tackle morning sickness during pregnancy.

Heartburn remedies

We can’t do anything to stop progesterone from causing the muscles to relax. So there is going to be some heart burn. But the good news is that it can be kept under control. How to do that? Let us take a look.

  • Cut down on spicy, deep fried food.
  • Avoid drinking water immediately before or after you have your food

ReadHome Remedies to Keep Heartburn During Pregnancy at Bay

Exercises when seven weeks pregnant:

Dear expecting mommies, hope you are exercising. Exercise during pregnancy is beneficial as it helps in keeping you fit and keeps those muscles flexible. It also helps in keeping you feel relaxed and is known to help with the fatigue. The only reason why you shouldn’t be exercising is if your doctor has told you not to.

Small walks, yoga are the normal forms of exercises women turn to at the time of pregnancy. Swimming is good too!

The key to exercising right during pregnancy is to ensure you aren’t stressing yourself. Consult your gynecologist/ trainer to find out the exercises that are suitable for you.

Sex during first trimester

Due to the hormonal roller coaster rides you are on, most women do not feel like having sex at all during the first trimester. You are dealing with a lot of things and you may feel overwhelmed.

Apart from that you feel tired. But if you are up to it, it is completely safe. Talk to your partner and figure out which position is comfortable for you.

Tips to travel when you are 7 weeks pregnant:

Unless you have a complication or any particular condition that requires you to take it easy it is ok for you to travel. But you need to

– Clear it with your gynaecologist.

– Not exert yourself while travelling.

Some tips for travelling moms to be

  • Carry your medical records and prenatal supplements with you.
  • A bag (in case you have an urge to throw up) can be very handy.
  • Carrying a lemon, ginger or water boiled with ginger can help with nausea.( if it doesn’t, you have the bag as a backup)
  • Avoid heavy meals before travel.
  • Use the seat belt if travelling by car, it might feel uncomfortable but safety comes first.
  • Stay hydrated.
  • If you are travelling for longer duration take frequent breaks.
  • Dress comfortable.

travel - 7 weeks pregnant
Dos n don’ts during the 7th week of pregnancy:

  • Do write down questions for the doctor. You do not want to forget anything. There is nothing more frustrating than coming back home and realizing that you have forgotten to ask a question that has been nagging you.
  • Do eat healthy. Nothing is more important than your health at this point.
  • Do take your supplements on time and in the prescribed dosage.
  • Do find out if you have any family history of illnesses and let your doctor know about it.
  • Do sleep whenever you feel like it. It is ok to do so.
  • Do not binge on junk food. They will only fill you up with empty calories.
  • Do not stress too much. Stay positive and happy.
  • Do not take any over the counter medications without checking with your doctor first.
  • Read- Dos and Don’ts: What to do and what not to do.

7 weeks pregnant
Scans if required

The first look! The moment you realize you are pregnant, you start looking forward to the first scan. That is why the 6th – 10th week is special.

Depending on when you find out about the big news, your doctor will schedule your first scan anytime between the 6th to the 10th week.

What to expect at pregnancy week 7 ultrasound? During the scan the doctor will find out how your little one is doing in the womb and how he is developing. You won’t be able to see much for he/she is so tiny.

The doctor will also check for your little one’s heart beat and check the positioning inside the uterus. The doctor will also determine the estimated due date during the first scan.

So that is how you and your baby is when you are 7 weeks pregnant. Hope this article has cleared at least some of your doubts.

Share with us your pregnancy stories, any particular quirks and how you survived all the roadblocks. We love to hear from you! Meanwhile you know what you need to do- Stay safe and enjoy your pregnancy!


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