10 Last-Minute Birthday Gift Ideas For Toddlers and Kids


last minute birthday gift ideas for kids and babiesThe other day in office, me and a friend of mine were discussing about the number of birthday invites we get during a month.

Depending upon your child’s age and social circle ( read the child’s social circle ) you might end up being invited to party almost every other weekend.

My daughter completely enjoys these parties with her pals. However the challenge is to buy a gift for the birthday boy or girl at a very short notice.

Here I am providing you a list of 10 birthday gift ideas for toddlers and kids you can buy even at the last minute!

10 Birthday Gift Ideas for Toddlers and Kids:

Things to keep in mind while purchasing a gift for a child will be the age group or the interests of the child ( if you know the family well ) and of course the budget.

Here are some suggestions that are easily available in the market and fits well into the budget.

#1. Tshirts with captions or cartoon characters:

10 birthday gift ideas

I am sure every child likes to be a superman, chota bheem or doraemon.

Why not gift them t-shirts with these character on it or t-shirts with interesting captions? You can pick these up well with 400 to 500 INR.

#2. Small backpacks or sling bags:

10 birthday gift ideas

Children love carrying bags. At least my little one loves her teddy bag.

You can pick these up from any bag store. Depending on the size they fit it anywhere between 200 Rs to 500 rupees.

#3. Personalized mug or personalized notebooks:

10 birthday gift ideas

If the child is someone close to your family and you have his or her pictures, you could very well personalize a mug, key chain, notebook etc.

Almost every photo studio these days gives you a variety of options to do these and you can choose the object as per your budget. There are websites available online as well that will do a door step delivery of these personalized gifts.

#4. Toys:

10 birthday gift ideas

If you are into gifting toys for the kids, why not gift them something that will value add to their creativity or learning? For example games like brainvita, jenga, clay modelling tools etc.

The all time favourite building blocks or lego is also something that is readily available.

#5. Scientific experiment kits:

10 birthday gift ideas

For the older lot, there are lots of scientific experiment kits available. Something out of the box, something like a binoculars make an interesting gift.

#6. DIY kits:

10 birthday gift ideas

Look out for creative DIY kits like a card making kit or a scrap book kit for kids.

There are a lot of variety available in the market for these DIY kits and kids enjoy doing these.

#7. Piggy banks:

10 birthday gift ideas

Kids absolutely love their piggy banks where they love to collect ‘their money’.

#8. Sports related stuff:

10 birthday gift ideas

A good pair of skates, a badminton racket,  tennis rackets or a basket ball make for a good gift to encourage outdoor sports in kids.

#9. Books:

10 birthday gift ideas

Books are something which could be gifted for any age groups.

From board books to fairy tales to picture books to coloring books, they fit every where and in every budget.

Off late you get amazing 3D books for science, geography etc in any good book stall well within Rs 500.

#10. School takeaway:

10 birthday gift ideas

It happens that you have got a very short notice and there is nothing but a stationery shop near you.

You don’t really have the time to think on the gifting options either.

Pick up random stationery like some water paints, crayons, craft papers, pencils, boxes and combine to make a useful school takeaway.

Quite a savior isn’t?

Well this was my list of birthday gifts for toddlers and kids you can think of even in the last minute!

So the next time you go shopping and you spot any of this do remember to pick up some so that if there is an impromptu invite you are all set !!

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  1. It is really very good collections of gift ideas for babies. You can also gold jewellery in this list as gifting gold jewellery is tredition in India.

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