5 New Year Resolutions I Have Made as a Parent


new year resolutions

Another new year is here. And everyone is busy making New Year resolutions.

Let me be honest. I have never made any New Year resolution in the past. Reason; I never bothered to better myself. I always felt that there is no need to change because I was comfortable the way I was, even if it is not the right way.

This year it is different. With the arrival of our little one, things have changed. As a parent I have more responsibilities now.

5 Best new year resolutions 2015 a parent can take:

Reyhan is a toddler now. He is observing whatever is going around him and is grasping everything really fast.

My lifestyle, behavior, habits, everything and anything about me can influence my child. So as a parent, now I feel the importance of correcting and changing myself in a better way.

I want to improve myself and be a better person for my son’s sake too. So this New Year I have made my mind to make a few New Year resolutions and stick to it.

#1. Eat Healthy

I don’t prefer giving junk foods to my toddler. But last time when I was enjoying a fizzy cold drink, my son managed to get a few sips from my glass.

I felt guilty after the incident. I understood that unless I keep junk food away from my plate, it is difficult to teach my LO about healthy food habits. So this year I am going to say a NO to junk foods and packaged and ready to cook meals.

Teaching my toddler to eat healthy food is really important. Eating healthy, nutrient rich homemade foods will be the first priority.

#2. Be patient

Patience is one thing that motherhood demands. Handling a toddler requires lot of patience.

Your child may throw food all over the living room, make a mess of the new carpet or soil the cloths you just ironed.

Don’t lose your temper. Show a little patience and try to handle the situation in a light way. Little kids don’t understand the consequences of whatever they are doing. They are just curious and this is the way they learn.

Understand that and be more patient to the kids.

#3. Limit TV time

I have this habit of switching on the TV even if I am not watching it. The TV will be on and running as a background while I will be going about doing my daily chores.

Now that I have a toddler at home and he is also watching whatever comes onscreen, I think that this is the right time to put an end to this bad habit. I don’t want my child to spend more screen time and watch age inappropriate programs. So I have taken the resolution to watch only one or two selected programs and turn off the TV at other times.

Yes, I do use TV while feeding my munchkin because it is the only way I can distract him and make him eat. But whenever I put TV for him I make it a point to play only age appropriate programs like rhymes or stories for kids.

#4. Speak nicely and wisely

It is common to hear small children making inappropriate comments and conversations.

They easily pick up harsh words, negative comments and whatever we talk in front of them. So this New Year I am making the resolution to speak nice and wise.

I am taking the resolution to say sorry, thank you, well done and love you whenever needed. I am taking the resolution to avoid harsh words and negative comments that can hurt someone’s feelings. I want to teach my child good manners and be nice n kind to everyone around.

#5. Be more organized

I have always felt that if I were a little more organized it would have been a little easier for me to handle everyday tasks.

I think that if I am organized and follow a schedule, my child will also be more organized later in his life.

So I make the resolution to be more organized.

These are the five resolutions that I have made to mold myself as an ideal parent.

What are your New Year resolutions? Please feel free to share it with us in comments.

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