Can Worm Infection in Babies and Kids Cause Weight Loss?


worm infection in babies and kids

Babies must play, must get dirty, must be naughty, must be active and have all the fun galore. But what about hygiene, cleanliness and health? Is that not a matter of top priority? Shouldn’t we be careful about our child’s surroundings and routine?

In the rhythm of making our child immune and making her get accustomed to each and everything around, there is a need to be aware about the child’s body and the capacity it can lift up.

Worm infection is very common among kids and it generally occurs once they start walking. Curious kids they are and we parents know to what extend our munchkins can go.

Causes of worm infection in babies and kids:

Worm infections are transmitted in places like day cares, play groups, schools etc where there are plenty of children playing together and getting them away from each other is equal to impossible.

The worms get into the child’s body and they usually live in the intestine, laying and hatching eggs taking its sustenance from the body. When the worms suck all the nourishment, it eventually results into deficiency of essential vitamins and minerals. It triggers weight loss and child becomes anemic too.

He also falls prey to various diseases because of weak immune system. It can also affect the physical and intellectual development of the child.

Fortunately, we can easily prevent worm infection by keeping alert with our eyes and ears open and looking into such sensitive distresses of the child with a timely treatment.

Symptoms of worm infection in babies and kids:

  • Inadequate weight gain
  • Itching and pain around the anus
  • Trouble sleeping because of the frequent irritation especially at night
  • Loss of appetite
  • Discomfort in the stomach
  • Frequent tiredness
  • Urinary tract infection

Worst case scenario of worm infection:

  • Vomiting
  • Continuous coughs
  • Diarrhea
  • Painful rashes around the anus and diaper area

Remedies and preventive measures of worm infection in babies and kids:

The main cause of worm infection is poor sanitation.

Here are few preventive as well as remedial measures which can be followed from our end to ensure cleanliness and hygiene and ensuring a de-worm environment.

  • Changing nappies at regular intervals
  • Washing yours and baby’s hands soon after nappy change
  • Making your little one wash her hands and legs soon after she has finished playing out (garden, society lawns, parks etc)
  • Always get closed and comfortable shoes for day cares and play schools
  • Cleaning the vegetables, meat and fish well before cooking
  • Avoiding under-cooked, stale or infected food especially the street foods
  • Staying away from already infected person
  • Trimming nails at regular intervals
  • Disposing of waste properly
  • Avoiding contaminated water areas specially during monsoon times when puddles are formed and water gets logged
  • Keeping the toilets and bathrooms clean
  • Changing the bedspreads regularly
  • Using only clean clothes for your little ones
  • The caretakers of the children be it us or the day care nannies must be clean. If your little one is taken care of a nanny, she must keep herself thoroughly clean too

Conclusion: Yes worm infection can be a cause of weight loss in babies and kids! If the problem still persists and your child doesn’t show any improvement, please don’t treat your child with over-the-counter medicines.

A doctor’s consultation is a must because an expert medical assistance is always the best thing to seek in order to resolve severe issues at the proper time with no side-effects.  He might ask for a stool test, check under finger nails or in extreme cases ask for a ultrasound test and then prescribe de-worming medicines.

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