How to Take Care of Babies During Winter?


how to take care of babies during winter

The weather has started to cool down, our babies and kids are bundled up with sweaters, woolen caps, socks and mittens!

In today’s post I have cited below 15 tips on how to take care of babies during winter in a best way out of my experience and acquired knowledge.

15 handy tips on how to take care of babies during winter:

Baby’ skin is too delicate so definitely we will be more concerned about their skin care and health. You might have already read 12 winter care essentials for babies and kids.

#1. Clothing:

Dress your baby in lightweight, loose-fitting cotton clothing. If required you can also opt for woollen comfortable clothing.

Don’t ever over-bundle your baby as it might cause overheating.

#2. Bedding:

I found swaddling very useful for Rithvik’s good night sleep during winter months. If your baby has not yet started rolling over, I strongly recommend swaddling your baby for a peaceful sleep.

Use natural fibre materials (cotton or merino) for swaddling. Merino, a natural fibre is a best choice for baby’s bedding particularly during winter season.

Instead of having a heavy single blanket go for multiple light layers, thus it will be easy for you to add additional layers if needed and for easy washing and drying.

#3. Outdoors:

When going out with your baby in this winter month use socks, mittens and caps to protect them from harsh cold wind.

You can have a check if your baby is dressed warmly enough after coming from outside by just touching their toes and belly. The toes should slightly cool and the belly should be warm.

If the belly is also cool, your baby is striving hard to warm himself/herself. If the belly and the toes are warm then you have overdressed your little one.

#4. Moisturizer and lip balm:

Babies lose heat in cold atmosphere fast so they are more prone to frostbite. Without doubt we all will be applying moisturizer/body cream for our baby.

Before keeping the cream in the palms, rub your hands together to warm them up first.

Keep the cream for a few seconds in your palm to warm up to your body temperature and then apply to your baby. Their lips also tend to dry very badly. So don’t forget to apply lip care jelly for babies.

#5. Massage and bath:

During winter months before bath, massage your baby with mustard oil, coconut oil, almond oil, olive oil or any oil of your choice. Out of these, mustard oil is very good for winter as it warms the body.

Don’t overdo bath in winter months or let them soak in tub too long. Just give them a quick bath with luke warm water.

Heat the bathroom before taking your baby in or just after finishing your bathing session take your baby in so that bathroom remains warm.

#6. Nappy cream:

Especially at night times, apply a good nappy cream before wearing nappy for your baby to prevent irritation.

#7. Humidifier and nasal spray saline:

If your house is very dry, buy a cool mist humidifier and place it in your bedroom. If you can’t afford humidifier, put small containers filled with water to avoid the air drying out.

If you find the air to be very dry you can use few drops of saline solution or nasal saline spray in your baby’s nostrils to make his nasal passages moist.

#8. Fingernails trimmed:

Cold winds in winters may result in irritation on your baby’s skin. Rithvik used to scratch the irritated area often.

I always make sure his fingernails are trimmed to avoid any skin rash, tear or bruises. You can trim your baby’s nail just after a bath or during their sleep.

#9. Iron baby clothes:

During winter, clothes kept in the wardrobe will be very cold. If you find time just press your baby’s clothes before dressing her/him.

If you are living in a very cold country, you can just place your baby’s clothes under a warm radiator.

#10. Breastfeed:

Babies lose heat more rapidly as they can’t produce body heat like adults because of their small muscles.

Breastfeed your baby often during winter times to keep them well hydrated, also your own body heat will be the best for babies to warm up.

#11. Include soups in diet:

Nothing beats the winter month like a warm cup of soup.

If your baby is nine months or more you can provide them with warm vegetable soups or chicken soups which are very healthy for your baby.

Include crushed garlic while preparing soups as garlic is said to be a ‘natural antibiotic’.

#12. Keep away from people with cold, cough and fever:

Most common viruses during winter are airborne.

Mostly babies/kids contract bacterial or viral illness from day care or school. So make sure you always keep your baby away from people with cold, cough or fever.

#13. Vaccination up to date:

Vaccinate your baby on time to prevent your baby from dangerous illnesses. Check with your paediatrician if any new vaccines have been included in immunisation schedule.

#14. Good hygiene:

 Practice good personal hygiene habits from early childhood to protect toddlers and kids from the threat of germs and illnesses.

#15. Keep thermometer handy:

To check your child’s temperature, keep a thermometer handy.

Please let me know which is that tip you would like to add in taking care of babies during winter.

Hope this article of how to take care of babies during winter is beneficial for many.

Enjoy the winter with your baby!

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