20 Uses of Baby Wipes Only a Mom Can Think of


uses of baby wipes only a mom can think of

Some things are so handy and convenient to use that we use them everyday, everywhere and on every thing. Baby wipes come in this category.

Yes, I am talking about the same baby wipes that we use to clean our munchkin’s sensitive skin.

Other than cleaning baby bottoms, baby wipes have so many other uses that once you get the hang of using them you can’t possibly imagine a life without them (like me) 🙂

20 Alternative Uses of Baby Wipes Mothers Have Found Out:

Baby wipes are designed for cleaning baby bums and diaper area. But I am sure every mother will be using baby wipes for N number of alternative uses.

I agree that there are standard products available in the market meant for the below listed jobs. But trust me baby wipes are handy substitute for them.

All mommies will agree to me if I say that the ‘use and throw‘ factor of baby wipes is what makes us use them more and more.

With all these uses it is not surprising that the supply of baby wipes disappears so fast in our houses 😛

Below is a short list of some alternative uses of baby wipes:

#1. Remove makeup from the face:

Baby wipes are good to remove face make-up, especially mascaras from the eyes.

You will be surprised how gently and effectively they could take off the eye makeup!

#2. Clean leather couch:

Did your little one spill his food on the leather couch …don’t worry…. grab a baby wipe and wipe. Your leather couch is all new and clean again.

#3. Making the shoes shine:

Dirty shoes… yuck… give them a cleanup with wipes.

#4. Freshen you:

Long journey? All tired? Use baby wipes to quickly ‘freshen’ yourself up.

#5. Takes off dye patches from forehead, ears or skin:

Works great for getting excess hair dye off your fore head and skin.

#6. Dusting furniture:

Great at dusting furniture especially those narrow slits of chairs.

#7. Squeaky clean glass surfaces:

Clean glass showpiece items, mirrors or your glass top dinning table with a baby wipe.

#8. Remove dirt and grime from antique/s:

Ideal to remove the grime from the stones of your vintage/ antique jewelry.

#9. External parts of kitchen appliances:

Quite convenient to clean the outside of the refrigerator, microwaves, toasters, coffee machines and stove top.

#10. Cleaning windows:

Need super clean window blinds in no time? Pinch a wipe around each blind and clean both sides at once.

#11. Cleaning toys:

Cleaning toys especially those plastic dolls and electronic cars in which dust could be accumulated in the corners and curves.

#12. Prevent dust buildup from houseplants:

Baby wipes are excellent for removing dust buildup from houseplants with large leaves (such as a peace lily).

Wipe the leaves gently with a baby wipe.

#13. Quick cleanup for pets:

Have pets at home? Give your pets a quick clean up with baby wipes.

#14. Fade/ remove wall stains:

Use baby wipes to remove pen, pencil and crayon on wall.

#15. Spot cleaning floors:

This one is my favorite. Baby wipes are excellent for spot cleaning floors.

#16. Quit handy for germophobe:

Are you a germophobe? If yes, don’t forget to take baby wipes when going out.

Use them for wiping down tables at restaurants, shopping trolleys, toilet handles and knobs.

#17. Cleaning car dashboards:

Keep a box of wipe in your car glove box. They are effective for cleaning the dashboard and car interior.

#18. Get off the sand after a beach party:

All covered with sand after a day at the beach? Use baby wipes for getting sand out of everything. Be sand free before you get into your car/home.

#19. Tame flyaway hairs:

Baby wipes can work as temporary flyaway hair tamer.

#20. Take off fingerprints out of the screens:

Clean your TV screen, tablet, touch screen phone or PC monitors with baby wipes.

They are soft and don’t damage the screens and get all the sticky fingerprints off.

These are the 20 ways in which I use baby wipes 🙂

Ahaa … now don’t throw away that empty baby wipe box! Those rectangular plastic containers are good for storing small items.

Turn baby wipe containers into first aid box, cosmetic organizer, a crayon/ sketch pen case or a piggy bank.

How do you make use of your baby wipes? Feel free to add to the list.

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    I give my daughter 2 play with a packet of old baby wipes..taking them out and putting them back(at least trying) is a fun game 4 timepass.

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