All About Choosing the Right Toy for Your Child: The Toy Story

choosing the right toy for your child
choosing the right toy for your child

This post will be able to give a fair idea on the 10 things to keep in mind while choosing the right toy for your child.

I am sure any house with a kid will be filled with lots and lots of toys. You end up buying a lot of toys and of course there are these innumerable toys that you receive as gifts from your near and dear ones.

10 Things to Keep in Mind While Choosing The Right Toy for Your Child:

Don’ you think that not all the toys in your house are right for the baby? How do you choose the right toy for your child. Here is a small guide:

#1. Read the Instructions on The Package:

Almost all the toys these days come with the age group it is suited for.

Please ensure that you read that and then decide whether to use it now or later. Also make sure you read the warnings very well .

#2. Avoid Toys that can Hurt:

Choose toys with smooth edges.

Toys with sharp edges like some rattles or blocks can hurt your child. Keep them away till they reach the right age.

#3. Light and Sound:

There are many toys in the market that emit light and sound. Ensure that you read the packaging well before you use these. Some lights can cause harm to your child’s vision. Similarly loud sounds ain’t advisable for the younger lot.

#4. No loose or small parts to choke:

Ensure that the toys your child plays with does not have loose parts or small parts that strikes a danger in case the child puts in his / her mouth. There is a risk of choking associated with such toys.

Better avoid them.

#5. Hyped Toys:

Remember, there is no such toy that is mandatory that your child should have.

Toys are to keep your child entertained and each child has a different definition of entertainment. What one child might find very interesting, another child might find the same thing least interesting.

Its all about their play time. Do not force any of these so called hyped toys in the market for your child.The idea is to enjoy with what they have ?

#6. Quality of the Toy:

Make sure the toys are of good quality.

Make sure it’s unbreakable and strong enough to withstand chewing. Also the paints do not give away easily since these good be toxic for your child.

#7. Battery Operated Toys:

Most of the toys in the market these days fall under this category. In case your child has a battery operated toy as well, ensure that the battery case is well covered and not easily removable. The battery fluid poses tremendous risk to your child.

Battery-operated toys should have battery cases that secure with screws so that kids cannot pry them open. Batteries and battery fluid pose serious risks, including choking, internal bleeding and chemical burns.

#8. Do Away with Broken Toys:

Do not keep broken toys or dismantled spare parts of a toy within your child’s reach. In your absence these could pose a serious threat and health hazard.

Throw away broken toys or repair them right away.

#9. Non Toys:

Many things in the house which cannot be categorized as toys also attract your child.

Sometimes the pans and pots in your kitchen are the best play mates for your child. They might find joy in small things like your kitchen utensils, your television remotes or anything new that they find in the house

However keep the dangerous objects away from them like scissors, knives, balloons etc.

#10. Let them Explore:

Give your child the freedom to explore the various toys and non toys in the house as long as they don’t pose any threat. They will learn as they play with these in their own sweet way?

Hope this guide helps. Do let us know what are the toys your child likes to play with and how do you ensure safety?

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  1. Saumya,

    An apt post for parents who have truck loads of toys at home!!

    Mine is a different case. Whatever toys we bought Anshika wasn’t interested to play with. And when I gave it to my niece my daughter so so wanted to play with it. 😛

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