Top DIY Idea for Mother’s Day


The celebration of the month is here, the beautiful day to celebrate Mother’s day.

Most of the countries celebrate it on the second Sunday of May and this year it falls on the 10th of May.


Have you ever thought why we celebrate Mother’s Day or what is the importance of having Mother’s Day? It’s merely a token of love or rather a day to appreciate all the mommies for the selfless love they shower on their kids and their family.

Ms. Jarvis, when she held the first memorial Mother’s Day in 1908, wanted to honor her mother for all the good deeds done. Later, she was upset as she found that the day was becoming a formal day with all the profits being made by various card companies in the name of mother’s day.

Most of the schools and day cares now have the custom where they send a handmade card for mother’s day. This would be scribbles from the little ones to their mommies. Whatever it may be, the proud lovely ladies accept the small cards or gifts and keep it safe and will be close to their heart.

I just love the idea of personal touch to a gift rather than a pre made card with writings of someone else. But as much as I love the idea, the thought of making it has never occurred to me. So this mother’s day let’s do a beautiful envelope in which we can insert a picture of you and your mom or just tell daddy to do this along with your little one for yourself. 😛

Woohoo!!  That’s sounds as a good time pass for the daddies and the little ones this weekend. Are you a little ‘not so sure of craft’ person like me? Ha.. No problem..

Like most of our previous DIY, we have the master Rob from “Mad Stuff with Rob” helping us to make the envelope.

Even a non-crafty person like me found the video so simple and an easy one to do. I am sure all of you would be able to make the envelopes if you just watch it once.

I would suggest you to subscribe to Mad Stuff with Rob right away so that you don’t miss out on any fun and entertainment.

As I said let’s give the task to daddies and the little ones and wait for our present tomorrow 😛

Now about the video, Rob has done it so well that even a small child who watches it alone could do the task all by himself.

As he says in the video, let’s gift the card in a personalized envelope this year for the lovely ladies who are: “On any given day mothers are teachers, doctors, chefs, chauffeurs, dhobis, personal shoppers, story tellers or monster killers”.

Watch the video and teach yourself to make a personalized envelope and gifting it to your mom.

Hope you all loved the idea of making an envelope and adding more touch of love on this mother’s day!

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