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Once upon a time when I was a kiddo, it was the era of tape-recorder and I still remember the nursery rhymes cassettes we had at home. What fun it was just listening to the wonderful chirpy musical rhymes with a beautiful voice of the narrator in the backdrop.

Cartoons were at fixed hours so due to the limited flexibility, only the tape-recorders came in handy.

Now in the technology driven scenario, the mighty revolution in the medium to reach out to the larger mass has become immensely appealing. The time of tape-recorders and television sets have taken a back seat now.

Internet is the craze everywhere – be it contacting people around the world or sending the most important documents, be it getting the latest news or watching your favorite shows at your convenient time, internet gives you all that you want and Youtube is one such media, a rage among the young and old to get a live feeling of everything going around right at your will.

My smallie who is two years old knows to go to Youtube and browses several kiddo channels all by herself. One of her favorites is watching the nursery rhymes videos, of course she never misses out to watch her play dough videos and her little cartoon shows.

Infact, I call internet my sweetest babysitter which always says a YES to my every single beck and call. Now the icing on the cake is, the very popular Sony Music has launched its channel for kiddo-parents clan known as Sony Music for Babies. It’s a channel that is centered around babies & parents for making nursery rhymes and other fun videos.

sony music for babies

The colorful crisp animated videos make it more enriching and fun for the kids to learn while they play. Teaching standards have also changed which has made children sharper and smarter than before.

The video given is a wonderful collection of the 60 most sought after rhymes of all times. The compilation is indeed amazing with pleasing singers roped in to give children the best of the times, to get them engrossed with striking animations and to make them learn smoothly with amusing action and enjoyment.

When the kids’ imagination comes live before them, the interest to learn increases and the impression is also deeper than the mere bookish stuff. It is because of this very reason even the educators themselves have resorted to videos, PPTs, smart class etc. How I wish I was a kid of the current times!! I would have been way better…anyway….things done cannot be undone 😛

Subscribe to the Sony Music for Babies channel to give your little angels for a beautiful experience towards their first stage of learning.


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