5 Adorable Gifts for Kids of All Ages from Flipkart


Long time ago, children were well-thought out little workers and were also assigned responsibilities to nourish,to polish, to develop their skills and hone their learning abilities.

Of course the primitive children owned their set of toys too – like straw dolls, clay animals, wooden carts, stone boards & chalks, stuffed faces, masks etc.

As a matter of fact, the recent times have drawn inspiration from the ancient books of history and developed the modern technological versions of the same. Thanks to all the inventions and innovations which happens almost every single day.

Toys are actually tools, teaching children the nuances of adulthood and giving them a brief picture of the world at large. It also brings out morals and ethics in them.

An ego-centric kid will learn to be selfless given the opportunity playing different games in groups, various puzzles teach kids problem solving techniques, building blocks makes them little engineers, dolls teach to be loving and caring, little kitchen sets gives them organizations skills, racer cars gives them the thrust to be winners, toy guns gives them the ability to protect themselves and their loved ones, so on and so forth. Such instincts come naturally and genetically, we never grill them to like these toys. They automatically become their continuum of fun and development.

In the video of Flipkart shown above, you can see the sadness felt by the little girl when she was gifted a doll other than her favorite Steffie. Look at the happiness and sense of achievement that she feels at the end holding her favorite toy as the gift, she definitely is on the top of the world! For her, its her #EveryWishFulfilled.

As a mother of a three year old, I have seen so many instances of love for toys, the happiness and excitement in her eyes and a sense of achievement on finally gifting her favorite stuff. It is simply incomparable.

Flipkart has been one such good friend of mine assisting me to buy the best of toys, at great deals bringing in heaps of happiness with timely delivery and super safe packaging.

I have been a loyal customer in the recent times – be it buying my favorite Bombay dyeing bedspreads, to cake moulds, to clothes and to my little one’s toys. The amazing collection at unbeatable prices comes like a huge blessing to our pockets.

5 Great gifts for kids from Flipkart:

I am listing out 5 great gifts for kids available on Flipkart, just in the hope of serving you with my suggestions in this little platter.

#1. Chota Bheem 8 in 1


Chota Bheem and his friends is one such cartoon series which is extremely popular amongst kids. This set features all the beloved characters and will be an instant hit in kids.

Let your child imagine and role play stories with these miniature models who believe in protecting their people and village. The plastic used for detailing these little models is safe and strong which ensures durability.

Simply no age-bar, just for all those who are Chota Bheem fans.

#2. Skillofun capital alphabet tray with pictures


Do you want to develop your toddler’s motor skills? This is the toy for you, play and learn to identify shapes, colours, hand-eye coordination and sensory skills.

Fixed at an affordable price to make your toddler a smarty even before he / she starts getting ready for school.

Great for 1.5 to 3 year old to learn while they have fun.

#3. Flyers bay scooter


Vroom….vroom… whoa…. this flyers scooter makes your kiddo to tackle obstacles, balance speed and attain a sense of direction in his later years of life.

At a convenient price, easy to pack and take on for a picnic as well, this little adventure scooter will surely take your kiddo to another world of sport and adventure.

Absolutely perfect for 3 – 6 year olds.

#4. Peacock little builder


Every kid is special in their own way. Their creativity makes us speechless at times.

Peacock little builder unleashes and gives your kid the platform to exhibit his / her creativity, intelligence and talent. The building pieces help them to identify shapes, sizes and colors.

This construction set is so designed that it develops the kid’s hand to eye coordination and manual dexterity.

Suitable for 3 year old and above.

#5. Fisher Price Grow With Me Gym


For our babies who want to have a good time simply by lying down on their back, or on their tummy or have started crawling, this play gym gives them a little wonder world of their own with a variety of colors, pictures, kick-balls, music and tunnels to crawl through giving them immense pleasure and delight. It also makes them curious to touch and feel objects around and brings out squeals of laughter and smiles.

Fisher price Grow With Me Gym gives them all-in-one safe, fun time even if there is nobody around – right from infant to toddler phase.

Suitable for 0 – 3 years

Toys have always been a child’s best friend. Toys are a medium to explore the world having their  #EveryWishFulfilled.

Toys bring out everlasting values. Many keep them safe and sound as mementos of their childhood.

They need not be expensive toys but instruments who shape their personalities, sharpen their intelligence, sparkle their creativity and make them beautiful human beings.


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