Sweet Potato Tikki with Water Chestnut Flour Recipe


How to make Sweet potato tikki recipe with water chestnut flour or sweet potato patties for toddlers and kids?

Happy Maha-Shivratri to all the readers of Bumps n Baby. On this special occasion, I bring to you the sweet potato tikki recipe with water chestnut flour which is ideal for toddlers and kids.

As small kid I used to wait for Shivratri as my mother used to make very nice Phalahari dishes. ‘Phalahari dishes’ are made on special days like Shivratri or Navratris when one observes fast. These dishes are made out of fruits, nuts, root vegetables, a few herbs and yogurt.

sweet potato tikki recipe

Sweet Potato Tikkis with Water Chestnut Flour

It is said that a person who offers prayers with devotion to Lord Shiva on Shivratri realizes moksha and all his/her sins are forgiven. ‘Om Namah Shivaya’ is the mantra for pleasing Shiva & Parvati. We offer the bael patra or bael leaves to Lord Shiva and observe fast on this occasion.

Nutritional benefits of sweet potato tikki with water chestnut flour:

sweet potato patties with water chestnut flour

There are a few types of flours like singhada or water chestnut flour, rajgira and  kuttu flour which can be eaten while fasting. These flours have their own medicinal benefits.

I make this recipe even on non-fasting days and you will know the reason after reading the ingredients.

The main ingredient for the recipe is sweet potato or shakarkhand which has good amount of Vitamins B6, C, D along with iron and magnesium.

The best advantage of sweet potatoes over potatoes is that their natural sugars are released slowly into the blood as compared to potatoes.

Water chestnut flour or singhade ka atta can be included as versatile alternate flour. It is gluten free and very good source of Potassium.

Water chestnut flour is very good for children as it’s a source of healthy carbs.

How to make sweet potato patties with water chestnut flour?

Boil and mash the sweet potatoes. Add the water chestnut flour, roasted ground nut powder, salt, cumin seed powder and chopped coriander leaves to the mash. Knead the ingredients to make a soft dough. Make patties out of the dough.

sweet potato patti sweet potato tikki1

Heat oil and shallow fry these patties with each side cooked till they turn golden brown.

To make sure that the tikkis are cooked well from inside, you can cover the tikkis for the initial 3 minutes. And uncover n cook for the next 2-3 minutes on medium heat.

Cooking on high flame might cause the center of the patties uncooked or the patties burnt. You can serve the patties with curd or green chutney.

Notes: To make roasted groundnut powder, roast the ground nuts, remove the skin and grind them in the mixer to get the powder

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Sweet Potato Tikki or Sweet Potato Patties with Water Chestnut Flour
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Recipe type: Traditional Recipe for Fast/ Upvaas
  • Sweet potatoes – 3 or 4 medium
  • Singhada atta or chestnut flour – ½ cup
  • Roasted groundnut powder* – ½ cup
  • Rock salt - to taste
  • Jeera or cumin seeds powder – 2 teaspoon
  • Coriander leaves (washed and chopped finely) – 2 teaspoon
  • Oil or ghee - 2 tablespoon
  1. Boil the sweet potatoes till tender and let it cool
  2. Remove the skin of sweet potatoes and mash them
  3. Add in the singhade ka atta or water chestnut flour, roasted groundnut powder, salt, jeera powder and chopped coriander leaves
  4. Mix all the ingredients and knead a soft dough
  5. Take kneaded dough and shape it into flattened balls so that it looks like a small patties
  6. Heat the non stick pan or tawa (grease the tawa a bit if you are using the normal tawa) on a medium flame
  7. Cook the tikkis or patties on both sided for 3- 5 minutes each till they are golden brown. Oil/ghee can be applied as per the need
  8. To ensure they are cooked properly, one can cover the tikkis for first 1-2 minutes and then cook for next two minutes without cover. Please don’t cook them on high flame
Hope you all liked the recipe. Do serve them to the kids so that they get to taste the alternatives to regular food.

If you are looking for traditional recipes for toddlers, you can check whole green gram sundall, sweet pongalpeanut chikki, sesame laddu and kesari halwa.

Do let us know how these sweet potato tikki with water chestnut flour turned out for you.

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  2. Hello Vandana,

    I am glad that our thoughts match. Now a days Junk is all over … we need to really revive the traditional / homemade recipes.

    You can try the normal wheat flour for making these tikkis . It will be fine ( have tried them in the past) 🙂

    Thanks for your feedback & do share your experience with tikkis

  3. Hello Shainu ,

    Water chestnut flour is ‘Singhada aata’ in hindi.

    In case , you cant find this flour , you can use normal wheat flour / aata ( though the tikkies will not be phariyal / fasting item then) .
    Let me know if you have any more queries.

    Do let me know how it turned out for you


  4. Just read ur bio. ” believes that innovation in kitchen is necessary to keep kids away from the junk food .” I believe in it as much as u

  5. I certainly want to try this recipe. But i never heard the name of any of these flours. We dont use it in Tamilnadu. I don’t need for fasting, so is there any other healthy flour that I can substitute like aata, rice flour, besan etc?

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