10 Gluten Free Recipes for Babies and Toddlers (Even Adults )


gluten free recipes for babies and toddlers

Editor’s Note : Recently a reader of Bumps n Baby had asked for gluten free recipes as she was asked to give such foods to her baby by the pediatrician. So what are these gluten free foods ? Well let me start with this. Some babies develop severe sensitivity or allergy to a protein in grains like wheat , barley , oats etc. They find it difficult to digest such foods and develop rashes , gas or other digestional problems when gluten rich foods are provided to them. Today’s post is by Anamika who readily agreed to write for us about the 10 gluten free recipes for babies and toddlers !! 🙂

Please note : For babies less than 1 year , the recipes below which have cows milk added to it can be replaced with formula or prepared in plain filtered water . Also please refrain from giving solids to babies less than 6 months of age . If a recipe is meant just for toddlers here , its mentioned along with the recipe.

Over to you Anamika 🙂

I have a big news for all parents whose babies are sensitive to gluten . What’s that news ?

The best news is that your baby can consume any of these items even if he is to strictly follow gluten-free diet- rice, normal dairy, beans, eggs, nuts, meat, vegetables, fruits, etc. If your baby is in need of gluten-free food and you have no idea what to feed him, you are in the right place on earth ; let me help you with these 10 gluten free recipes for babies , toddlers and even adults .


1. Besan Ka Cheela

besan ka cheela gluten free recipe for babies and toddlers


Chick pea flour is gluten free and we Indians love it. One can make besan ka cheela (gram flour pan cakes) and add chopped coriander, onion etc to get addiitonal vegetable nutrition as well.

2. Roasted Carrots and Apples with Olive Oil



Most of the cooking oils, fruits and vegetables are all gluten-free. Cut unpeeled apples and carrots and roast them on a ‘sheet pan’ using olive oil for approximately 20 minutes at a temperature of 400 .

After this, make a puree of the roasted mixture adding sufficient water to make it liquefied. You can also add boiled rice to make it thick.

3. Quinoa, Pear & Roast Butternut Squash



Follow the package instructions to make plain quinoa using water instead of broth. Peel one butternut squash and dice it into cubes. Slather oil over the cubes followed by roasting them at a temperature of 375 for a total of 15 minutes. Add a peeled and cubed pear at the final 5 minutes for roasting.

After cooling both the squash and pear, blend them together and add sufficient water for liquefying the puree. Mix the quinoa with the vegetable and fruit puree to serve.

4. Steamed Spinach, Apples & Blueberries


Place saucepan on ‘medium’ heat and add frozen (1 cup) or 2 cups (fresh) organic spinach, blueberries (1 cup) and 1 apple (cut). Pour water (1/4 cup) into the saucepan and let come to a ‘boil’.

Next, let it simmer for 2 minutes (approximately) and then cool it. Blend the cooled mixture followed by cooking this liquid. You can also add boiled rice, quinoa or millet to make the preparation thicker.

 5.  Banana, Sweet Potato & Millet

Bake one sweet potato in microwave or oven after which remove the fleshy interior of the sweet potato. Now mash this cooked fleshy sweet potato with one ripe banana. On the other side rinse millet (one cup) and add water (3 cups) to the millet in one saucepan to cook the millet.

As it comes to a ‘boil’, put the oven on ‘simmer’ and let it stay that way for approximately 30 minutes till such time all the water in the saucepan ins completely absorbed. Mix the millet with the sweet potato and banana mixture and make it diluted by adding water. Serve this amazing nutritious food to your child.

6. Egg Plant Pakoras/ Pakodas or any other besan pakora

Make less spicy pakora of cauliflower or egg plant. They taste delicious and are gluten free. You can use olive oil for frying.

 7. Chocolate Avocado Smoothies

Toddler food has to be compromised at times. This smoothie is a perfect example of compromised food. Add the avocados and chocolate chunks along with ice in a blender and serve the cool mixture to your baby. You can also make popsicles out of this smoothie and let your kid enjoy this nutritious smoothie.

8. Lemony Breakfast Rice

Rice can surely be served at breakfast time that too gluten-free. Soak the cooked rice in milk and sweeten it using honey berries. Add a lemon zest for flavour and start your baby’s day in a healthy way. Ideal only for toddlers.

9.  Tropical Fruits with Pistachios and Coconut

You do not always have to use the oven to cook something up for your child. Simply slice up fresh fruits like mango, papaya and pineapple and blend them. Add to this mixture pistachios and coconut milk for taste and serve a mouth-watering dessert to your darling.

10.  2 Ingredient Grapefruit Slush

For this you will need 2 grapefruit (large) which have to be peeled and cut into sections. Pour these sections in the blender and add a frozen banana along with ice and run the mixture until it is completely smooth. Serve fresh or chilled. This recipe is meant for toddlers only.

Thus, above-mentioned are some of the quick and easy 10 gluten free recipes for babies and toddlers that will prove both healthy and tasty.

Author Bio : Anamika Sureka is a  makeupoholic by heart, and a mother of an about to be 2 year old angel. She shares her motherhood journeys online at babypregnancycare


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  1. Dear Sangeetha,

    Great going!
    Thanks a ton for putting up such delicious recipes for kiddos; I am sure all the mommies would agree with me.

    Had a few doubts, need your valuable advice. My LO just turned 7 months& I have started with fruit purees, lentil mash etc.
    1. Can you please help me with recipe to prepare idli for him.
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    3. Can I start giving him Papaya?
    4. Thinking of giving him Rice poha, can you please share some recipe for teh same.

    Hope your little Angel is doing good.
    God Bless!!

      • Thanks a lot for replying Sangeetha.

        I have started giving curd to my LO with Khichdi, as curd rice etc.
        Wanted to start with Cheese (with postato, brocolli etc.) but was not sure because of the salt content & preservatives in it.

        Please help.

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