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We all know the importance of hand washing in our everyday lives. Campaigns by Lifebuoy stresses on the real need for a proper hand washing which could save 1.7 million children every year .

This campaign is heart touching too – Tree Of Life !! In Bitobe Indonesia ,there is a tradition of marking a tree when a child is born. Unfortunately nearly 5000 mothers lose their children under the age of 5, to diarrhoea and pneumonia which could be prevented by  proper hand washing. What remains for these mothers after the loss of their sons and daughters are the trees they had marked.

In this video too, Utari the mother who lost her son , takes care of the tree , plays, spends her day and night with the tree as if its her own son. And she is all set to celebrate her son’s 5 th birthday by making special toys and wind-wheels even in the wee hours.

Lifebuoy is on its mission to help celebrate every child’s fifth birthday with the promotion of a simple way – proper hand washing with soap and water. They have adopted Bitobe in Indonesia to promote this message . Lifebuoy aims to change the hand washing behavior of  one billion people by 2015.

Lets join our hands with Lifebuoy for this worthy and much-needed cause.

Please inculcate the proper habit of washing hands with soap and water in your children. It really makes a difference.

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Lets do our bit. Lets make a move !!

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