How Does She Look Fab at 50 ? – Beauty, Diet and Fitness Secrets


beauty, diet and fitness secrets of sridevi
Just take a look at the above pic of Sridevi.. Does she look 50 ? Hell.. NO !! I remember during my childhood days , 5 out of the 10 girls was named Sridevi. Yes all dedicated to the gorgeous and beautiful actress and yes mummy Sridevi. In today’s post we will see beauty , diet and fitness secrets of Sridevi. 

beauty secrets of sridevi

Sridevi was an actress who had a genre of films dedicated to her. Do you know she was called the ‘ Lady Amitabh Bachchan ‘ once upon a time ? Her sparkling eyes, beautiful face , fab body and wonderful acting skills , no wonder movies like Chandni were made just for her !!  Now a 50 year old (oh yeah she is ) this mom , wife of  Boney Kapoor has 2 teen daughters and has made a great come back to silver screen with English Vinglish. Want to know how her skin looks tight and firm at this age ?  Skin looking fab and flawless ? Body maintained so well ? Well lets all dig into her beauty , diet and fitness mantras !

diet , fitness and exercise regimes of sridevi

Beauty, Diet and Fitness Secrets of Sridevi:


  • Starts her day with 2 glasses of warm water with lemon / herbal teadiet secrets of sridevi
  • Vegetable Juice
  • Breakfast – A bowl of oats / muesli with nuts, fruits and honey with skimmed milk
  • Lunch – Salad , Grilled fish (salmon ), tofu / cheese, a bowl of dal
  • Dinner – Roti and vegetable curry , Soups
  • Snacks –  whole fruits , peanuts , cheese , dark chocolate
  • Drinks green tea (Even keeps it in her purse )
  • Eats every 2 hours which helps her to boost up her metabolic levels.
  • Have loads of water a day


  • Power Yoga
  • Gym workouts
  • Jogging  in the morning
  • Tennis sessions


  • Indulges in regular hair massages. Her thick lustrous hair is the proof for the benefits of hair massages .
  • Uses the combo of rose water – glycerin for her skin
  • Indulges in spa sessions
  • Vouches on the fruit packs for her skin. No wonder she looks 10 years younger 🙂
  • Uses minimal makeup as much as possible
  • Never goes to bed without removing makeup
  • She believes in the art of being happy which adds to her glow and grace

Do you like this diva ? I am sure now you must be aware about the beauty , diet and fitness secrets of Sridevi.

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  2. Sridevi is 50 years old but Sridevi looks like 32 years old women! Really Sridevi has well maintain her figure ! Sridevi is very pretty & looks very young on her 50 age ! I must say Sridevi is awesome actress.

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