South Indian Pure Vegetarian Food Chart for 2 Year Old


Have you read the food chart for 2 year old? Today I bring to you the South Indian pure vegetarian food chart for 2 year old.

Your 2 year old will be very active and busy the whole day. It is important to provide her wholesome, nutritious solid foods to meet her daily needs. Your kid will enjoy trying out more variety of foods now.

vegetarian food chart for 2 year old

It is a good idea to introduce your toddler to much variety of home-made healthy foods so that junk foods do not tempt him or her. You can also refer to how junk foods can be made healthier for your little one.

Your little pie might have most of the teeth, making it easier for him to eat not-so-soft foods too.

Special considerations in a South Indian vegetarian diet:

At two years of age, ideally your little one should eat the same healthy foods you eat. Do make it less spicy, as little tummies may not appreciate very hot food.

The considerations to be taken in a vegetarian diet are as as follows.

#1. Dairy intake:

At this age, he should drink no more than two cups of milk per day i.e he must drink less than 500 ml per day.

Do note that milk is still an important source of calcium and complete protein for vegetarians. Not just milk, dairy products like curd, paneer and cheese also count towards this quota.

If your little one hates milk, you can check out the 8 unique naturally flavored milk varieties, chocolate almond powder mix and dry fruits powder.

#2. Iron and protein:

Iron is an important nutrient for babies and kids. It may not be as easily available in a vegetarian diet. Hence, it’s a good idea to include leafy greens, dates, oats and other iron rich foods on a daily basis.

Dals, lentils or pulses are also an important source of protein and iron in a vegetarian diet. You can refer to the 31 iron rich foods for babies and kids.

We must aim to include some form of dal or legumes like chickpeas in our kid’s food every day, preferably with every meal.

#3. Omega 3 fatty acids:

Omega 3 fatty acids/ DHA are very important for a child’s brain development. Walnuts, avocado (butter fruit), and flax seeds are good vegetarian sources of Omega 3.

Things I have taken care of in the South Indian pure vegetarian food chart for 2 year old:

I have given the food chart I follow for my toddler.

Every day starts with milk followed by inclusion of adequate proteins, carbs, fat, vitamins and minerals provided in the form of lentils, fruits and vegetables.

For breakfast, I have included a variety of hearty home made porridges and traditional South Indian breakfast items like idli, dosa etc.

Rice plays an important role in the South Indian menu. Hence all the options for lunch are varieties of rice made to suit your little one’s taste buds.

For evening snacks, I have prepared a mix n match of healthy snacks like corn, peanuts, sundall etc.

Dinner again is healthy. It can be the breakfast items like dosa, adai or rice varieties as preferred by your toddler.

One cup of milk at the end of the day ensures sound sleep and adequate intake of calcium too.

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  • If your kid wakes up late or is not fond of milk, you may want to skip the morning milk and directly move to breakfast. You can compensate by including more curd in her foods – for example, dosa, idli and pongal can be had with curd instead of chutney.
  • Since the above vegetarian foods may not be rich in fat, you can include some ghee with rice every day.

I attach a lot of importance to the nutrition of my two year old. I plan it in such a way that dhals, vegetables, fruits and a variety of whole grains are included on a daily basis.


Hope this Vegetarian South Indian Food Chart for 2 year old was useful to you. My best wishes for you to please your little one’s taste buds!

Do share with us any other healthy meal and snacks you prepare for your toddler.


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  1. I have 2 years old baby boy… he doesn’t like any food… he likes only milk and watermelon… he doesn’t open his mouth while giving food… he doesn’t have fruits and veggies… im fed up… plz help me

  2. hi ,

    your blog is very useful and very informative for moms like me who are struggling to give ttheir child the right diet…thank you very much…my 2 year old boy suffers from weezing frequently..could you please tell me what changes can be made to the diet so that he does not suffer much….thanking you once again….

  3. Are multivitamin supplements (i.e. medicines that may have been prescribed by the doctor) required to be given other than the food. My Daughter is 3 years old.

    • If ur child is eating healthy, balanced meals, there is no need for supplements except Vitamin D (if she is not getting enough sun exposure). If doctor has prescribed due to specific deficiencies or symptoms, then please give. Even health drinks like pediasure or junior horlicks is absolutely not recommended

  4. ur works are really very very useful for my baby i have learnt alot how and what to give for my baby thank u so very much for this wonderful job.

  5. please help me with non veg diet chart for 2 years baby.
    I always followed all your food charts. they were really help full for me.

    waiting for your reply.

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