Protect Babies from Mosquito Bites in 8+2 Ways (Plus home remedies to soothe mosquito bite)


Are you worried about mosquito bites on your baby’s tender skin?

The thought of dangerous diseases arising out of mosquito bites scare you, isn’t it true?

There is an alarming rise in cases of dengue, malaria in almost all the parts of India. These and other diseases like chikungunya also are spread through mosquito bites. Due to this mosquitoes have become a big reason to worry especially for the mothers as the babies fall easy prey to the mosquito bites.

Babies are at high risk of mosquito bites, also infections and diseases caused due to it.

protect babies from mosquito bites

It is equally important for you too to protect yourself and other family members from mosquito bites but as the babies are more prone to the infections we need to follow extra measures.

By taking a few precautions you can save your baby from this pointed fiend.

Wondering how to get rid of mosquito bites? This article will guide you on how you can protect your babies from mosquito menace.

Signs of mosquito bite:

The signs of mosquito bites are as follows.

  • Swelling around the bite
  • Small red bump with a center red point
  • Scratching by the baby

If there are any other symptoms along with these like fever, severe itching, skin infection, swelling in other areas or other catchy signs, then you should visit a pediatrician immediately.

Causes of mosquito bites:

Most of the mosquitoes grow in accumulated water or water puddles. Dengue mosquitoes (Aedes aegypti) exceptionally also grows in clean water. Thus main reason for the growth of mosquitoes may be considered as the stagnant water, be it dirty or clean water.

The reasons of mosquito bites may be,

  • Uncovered body parts
  • Scented lotions, creams
  • Dampness
  • Unhygienic conditions
  • Uncovered food or food stains

Now that you have known the reasons of mosquito bites s, let us see how we can minimize these mosquito bite causing factors.

10 Effective ways to protect babies from mosquito bites:

Here are the 10 ways to prevent mosquito bites and protect our babies.

#1. Cover your baby

Covering your babies completely with full sleeve clothes help to prevent mosquito bites. Doing the same using clothes of thin material won’t really help. You should ensure that you cover your baby with thick clothing.

Also prefer light colored clothes for your babies as dark colors attract mosquitoes and put your baby at risk of mosquito bite.

#2. Avoid going out with your baby at mosquito prime time

Generally mosquitoes are most active in twilight periods but the mosquitoes carrying dengue and Chikungunya viruses are active during day light hours.

It is better to avoid outing with your baby during evenings when the chances of mosquito biting is very high. If you have to do so, make sure that your baby is fully covered.

#3. Avoid applying perfumed creams/ lotions

Fragrance from the perfumed creams/ lotions attracts mosquitoes. Ensure that you avoid applying those products on your baby during the peak hours.

#4. Maintain hygiene in and around your home

As mentioned above, water stagnation supports mosquito breeding. See that you don’t allow water accumulation in and around your home.

Keep the drinking water and other water storage covered. Keep the food covered and if there are any food particles lying on the floor, clean immediately as it may attract mosquitoes.

Keep your kitchen clean. Maintain hygiene by a few small things like changing water in your flower vase regularly,  non-accumulation or gathering wet clothes inside the house.

#5. Neem leaves

Burn neem leaves inside the house and spread its smoke all over the house before sleeping. This age old remedy is best among at home remedies for mosquito bites and does wonders to keep mosquitoes at bay.

Take precautions to keep you baby away from inhaling smoke while you are burning and spreading the smoke.

#6. Ban the entry of mosquitoes

You can ban these evils to enter your home by closing doors and windows during their prime feeding hours. Also install wire mash or nets on windows to get the fresh air with banned mosquitoes’ entry.

#7. Use mosquito nets

The most effective way I would say is to use mosquito nets. Use them for your baby’s bed and even yours.

#8. Baby friendly mosquito repellents

Generally we prefer not to use electric/smoky inorganic mosquito repellents for a child. Nowadays, baby friendly mosquito repellents are available in stores.

Use baby friendly repellent creams/mosquito repellent stickers, wristbands, blankets etc.

Further reading:

#9. Citronella essential oil

Diffusing citronella for 20 minutes inside the room where baby sleeps is found to be effective in warding mosquitoes and insects.

#10. Camphor

Diffusing camphor or putting camphor blocks in a bowl of water is also effective mosquito repellents.

6 Home remedies to cure/soothe mosquito bites:

If your baby is bitten by mosquitoes, simple cure or remedies can be given at home itself so that the redness, itchiness and skin infections can be avoided/lessened.

But if the baby develops fever, severe itching, skin infection, swelling due to mosquito bite please take to a pediatrician immediately.

  • Apply calamine lotion

Calamine lotion is an effective, inexpensive remedy for soothing itching. Its active ingredient zinc oxide reduces itching. Calamine lotion is safe to use for babies too provided you avoid its contact with eyes, nose or mouth.

  • Aloe vera

Apply fresh aloe vera gel to the affected area. This is excellent natural remedy for reducing swelling caused by mosquito bite. It also soothes itching and helps healing the wound quickly.

  • Raw honey

Apply a layer of raw honey at the affected area to heal the wound caused by mosquito bite. Anti-microbial properties of honey helps to prevent any further infections in the affected portion.

  • Basil leaves or Tulsi leaves

Rub fresh basil or tulsi leaves to the affected area to soothe itching. It also helps to reduce swelling of the skin caused by mosquito bite. You can even smoke the tulsi leaves inside the house to ward off moquitoes.

  • Cold pack/ ice

For babies, rub the affected skin portion with a piece of ice wrapped in a smooth kerchief instead of applying the ice/ instant cold pack directly to the skin. This helps reducing swelling and itching caused by mosquito bite.

  • Apply oil

Apply any oil available with you (mustard/coconut/almond) when you see a mosquito bite on your baby’s skin and cannot find any other instant option. It will relieve itching.

These simple and easy tricks/ remedies will help you to keep your babies protected. Stay protected and have a good night’s sleep with your little one 🙂

Have you come across some more ideas to prevent babies from mosquito bites? How do you soothe the mosquito bites on your baby? Is there any alternate home remedies you use? Do share with me in comments.


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