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The moment you become a parent, you feel a sense of responsibility in you.

Even when you hold the baby in your arms, the parent in you wants to ensure the best for him/her in every way possible.

The best baby lotion, baby cream, bath tub etc inside the house, the best sunscreens, raincoats, mosquito repellents, umbrellas etc for the outside, we cater to each and every small thing to protect our little ones.

Though the rain coats, sun screens, umbrellas etc can take care of the baby from outside pollution, have you ever thought about the indoor pollution? Yes the polluted air inside your house?

Trust me I never did, until I got a chance to review the air purifier from Philips.

philips air purifier ac4014

You might be using essential oil diffusers, room fresheners, organic scented incense sticks, camphor etc to purify the indoor air.

But how would you know if the air inside your house is pure? How about the recurring dust, germs in the air inside your house? The dust particles, microbes that could put yours as well your family’s health at risk? How do you deal with the hazardous air quality?

I believe all these thoughts compelled Philips to introduce this air purifier into the market and I am glad it did. Today I am going to give you a detailed review of Philips air purifier from my experience.

Product Description:

I received a white sexy and sleeky Philips air purifier AC4014. It adds to the beauty of the house without utilising much space, thanks to the compact design. The material is sturdy ABS plastic.

The weight of the air purifier is about 6.1 kgs and is easily portable. The price of Philips air purifier is Rs. 28,995 INR.

Features of Philips Air Purifier AC 4014:

‘Stunningly spectacular and sleek design’ Yes that’s the response even you will have at the mere sight of this lovely baby!

The main highlight of this Philips air purifier is the advanced filtration system in which the harmful agents are eliminated in 3 stages.

Philips air purifier ac4014

Stage 1: Big particles like human or pet hair, clogged dust etc are filtered out by the washable anti-bacterial pre filter

Stage 2: Harmful gases, cigarette smokes, odors, paint fumes etc are removed efficiently by the activated carbon filter

Stage 3: Fine dust, germs, allergens, pollen etc are filtered out by the anti bacterial HEPA filter

filtration system

The smart sensor lets you know the indoor air quality on a real time basis.

Smart sensor

Smart Sensor

There are 3 step light indicators used to mention the level of air quality. They are,

  • Blue – good, pure
  • Purple – fair
  • Red – bad

The air flow of this air purifier can also be adjusted according to your liking. I felt the level 1 of the fan is pretty much silent. Even if you increase the speed to 2nd or 3rd level, the noise is bearable just like a slighter version of washing machine.

Philips air purifier comes with a healthy air protect alert which tells you to replace the filter when it’s full.

My experience with Philips air purifier AC 4014:

The most important thing is the efficiency of this purifier. The moment my hubby comes from office, he takes his socks off and usually throws it on the floor near by the laundry bag.

That day was no different except I had put the air purifier ON in the room.

The color of the indicator turned red indicating the bad sweaty air filled with bacteria from the smelly socks. Within fraction of seconds the indicator turned blue giving us a relief that the air is pure and clean all over again. Oh boy! We were amazed by its efficiency!!

We left it on overnight for about 8 hours thanks to the easy to set timer. The appliance switches off automatically after the stipulated time you had set for (say 1, 4 or 8 hours). The sleep mode cleans the air with dimmed indicators.

I can’t comment on the electricity bill post usage as my monthly bill hasn’t come yet. According to Philips if you use it for 24*7, the monthly electricity cost would come upto 6.8$. I felt it’s really a small price for the health benefits it offers in air cleaning with the 3 stage filtration system.

Coming to the price, it’s expensive, but as I said before if you see its health benefits in the long run, the price factor can be negated and it’s really cost effective.

You can check out this amazing product in the official website of Philips. I am sure it is available in the online stores as well.

Have you heard about indoor pollution and its effects on kids? Are there respiratory ailments among your family members? What are the ways by which you keep the indoor air clean? Share with me in comments please.


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