Father’s Day DIY – Handprint Craft


Wondering what gift to buy for this father’s day? How about a father’s day DIY?

Here is a simple DIY handprint gift idea that you can do with your kids and gift on this father’s day.

father's day DIY

Father and son- a wonderful bond that is growing stronger in front of me:

“A dad is a daughter’s first love and a son’s first hero“ – I always feel that this is so true.

For our son his father is a real superhero. I want him to be a wonderful human being just like his father.

Both the father and son share a very unique bond. Sometimes I even feel that our son is more attached to his dad than to me.

I feel very proud when I see our son imitate his father.

I just love the way he runs to his dad when he is back home from work. The big smile Reyhan has whenever acchan (Malayalam for dad) is back from work is all that is needed to forget the entire day’s stress and workload.

I love the pretend plays that they have together.

I love it when Prabin, my hubby, handles Reyhan’s toddler tantrums in a perfectly calm and composed way. In fact I should learn from him how to stay calm while handling tantrums.

I love the way both of them lie cuddled up in the sofa and chitchat to their heart’s content.

I love the way Reyhan pesters his dad to get his things done.

father's day DIY

I love it when Reyhan eats from his acchan’s plate.

I love it when the father takes charge of the kitchen and cooks special dishes exclusively for the son.

I love it when hubby makes songs and stories just to entertain our son.

I love the way both of them enjoy their favorite bedtime routine; listening to songs together.

It is super cute when each time Reyhan wakes up his father just to know if he is already asleep.

I love every bit of the time I spend with this dad and son duo.

Touchwood 🙂

So this father’s day here is a gift for the wonderful father from the adorable son.

Father’s day DIY – personalized handprint frame:

father's day DIY

This is a very simple craft that all of you can try with your kids.

This keepsake gift is a lovely representation of the special bond shared between both the father and the son.

Materials required:

  • A white chart paper
  • Two colors of paint
  • Brush or sponge
  • Sketch pen
  • A photo frame

The process to make this handprint gift is really simple.

  1. Cut the chart paper so that it fits perfectly inside the photo frame.
  2. Using a brush or sponge apply the paint on the child’s palm (You can use a palate or dish to mix the paint)
  3. Make an impression of the hand in the paper and let it dry
  4. Apply a different color paint on the dad’s palm and make an impression on the paper
  5. Write down this years father’s day date
  6. Write down a favorite quote or anything related to the father and son. (I have written- My dad, My hero)
  7. Frame it after the paint dries fully

Father’s day craft is ready!

Isn’t that a simple yet unique gift for the father’s day?


  • Use non-toxic kid friendly paints that are used for crafts
  • Use bright and dark colors so that the prints standout in the paper
  • First take the palm impression of your kid and then dad’s. It will take several attempts to get it right with your toddler or baby.
  • Wash the kid’s hands thoroughly with soap immediately after the impressions are taken
  • You can do this DIY with your newborn too but take care while doing this
  • Do a patch test of the colors on kid’s skin before applying it all over the palm
  • If you have older kids like preschoolers, let them write down the quotes or the special message for the dad.
  • You can use a canvas too to do this. In that case you don’t have to frame it
  • I bought a normal not so fancy frame. You can go for fancy ones too or make your kids to decorate a plain frame with beads, stickers or glitters.

Reyhan was so excited to do the entire craft and wanted to hang it on the wall once it was completed. And we did hang it on the wall. 🙂

Do try this simple father’s day DIY with your kid and let him gift this to his father on this father’s day.

Are you planning to make father’s day crafts this year? Do you have any other idea of simple father’s day DIY? If yes please share with me in comments.

Wishing all the papas in the world a very HAPPY FATHER’S DAY!!


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Anu Prabin is a software engineer turned freelance writer who loves to pen down her journey and experience as a mother. She likes to connect with like-minded moms. Movies, books, and food are the three things that cheer her up. She enjoys doing arts and crafts with her son and shares various fun activities for kids through her Instagram account @thebacktoschoolmom. She wholeheartedly promotes the habit of reading in kids and considers books as the perfect gift for any occasion. A typical Kerala mom, she is currently settled in UAE along with her husband and son.


  1. Roshni Mathew on

    Good one anu 🙂
    A beautiful yet simple DIY for father’s day 🙂 loved the writing as well 🙂

  2. Lovely anu.not just thr diy the write up as well..brilliant idea.. Perfect gift to the daddy dearest .Thanks for sharing..this can make a good bday gift as well..

  3. Such an adorable and cute father’s day gift Anu. It inculcates all the emotions of a father-son duo.

    How did you frame it? With a glass or with just a frame at home?

    Wishing your hubby dear a very happy Father’s day!

    • Thank you Sangee..
      I framed it with in a frame with plastic front protection. Didn’t go for glass frame as it can be heavy.

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