Papaya for Constipation in Babies – Is it Effective?


Are you losing sleep over your little one’s constipation?

Do you know that papaya can relieve constipation in babies?

Read on to know more.

papaya for constipation in babies

Effectiveness of papaya for constipation in babies:

Constipation happens to be one of the most common problems in babies. It is very frustrating for mothers to see their babies suffering from constipation and feeling helpless.

Papaya fruit is a very well known natural laxative.This makes papaya good for constipation and related issues in adults. The good news is that, it can be effective in babies as well. Ripe papayas are sweet in taste and most of the babies tend to like its taste.

Papayas are also very nutritive. In addition to its magical effect in curing constipation, these orange red colored fruits are rich in vitamin A, C, E and anti- oxidants. They also contain essential minerals like magnesium and potassium.

How are papayas effective in tackling constipation?

Papayas contain the enzyme called papain. Papain helps in digesting complex protein molecules that other body enzymes cannot do.

In addition to breaking down tough protein molecules, papain also speeds up the digestive process. This enzyme is also believed to retain fluids in the body for a long time.

Unlike other digestive enzymes, papain works in a wide pH range and thus can function in stomach that also has an acidic pH.

Besides the presence of papain, papayas are also rich in dietary fibers, which aid in reducing effects of constipation.

Papayas also contain vitamin E, C and folic acid, which help to deal with the bowel issues.

Armed with these many benefits, papaya is one of the best fruits for babies and works wonders in constipated babies.

How to give papaya to babies?

If you are wondering how to relieve constipation using papaya, look no further.

Ripe papayas are preferred for babies as they are easy to digest than the raw ones.

You may wash, peel and cut papaya and give them to your baby as a finger food. Papaya may also be given to babies in juice or mashed forms.

Ripe papaya recipes for babies to relieve constipation:

Below given are two papaya recipes to relieve constipation

  • Mashed papaya

Select a ripe papaya. Wash, peel and slice it.

Mash/grate the cut papaya. You need not to add sugar to this as it contains natural sweetener. This may be given as it is or can be served with steamed white/ brown rice.

Mashed papaya also goes well with raw or boiled apple mash.

  • Papaya juice

Wash, peel and cut ripe papaya. Grind well the pieces of papaya and add required quantity of water to it.

You may add sugar if you wish as we have added water in it. But for babies below the age of 1, sugar and salt are not advisable.

Hope this article on papaya for constipation in babies is useful for the mothers who are worried about issues regarding constipation in their babies.

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Does your little one suffer from hard stool/constipation?  Have you tried papaya for constipation?

In what all other ways papaya can be given to babies and kids? Please share with me in comments.


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