Now Ice-cream Treats can be Healthy with Paddle Pop


My daughter Anshika is fond of ice creams just like any other toddler. She is given an ice-cream treat twice a month from the nearby ice-cream parlor.

This month also, we had taken her for the late afternoon monthly ice-cream treat. The shopkeeper showed us the usual ice-cream flavors along with the new launches. My daughter was so keen on trying out the Paddle pop ice creams from Kwality Wall’s. I think she could relate to the ‘jiggle wiggle’, advertisement jingle of the Paddle pop ice creams along with the character Paddle Pop Lion!

Though I was hesitant to try out the newly launched ice cream, my daughter was adamant on buying those. To add to my trouble there were 5 flavors of Paddle Pop ice creams starting from Rs.10/ like strawberry jelly, cola flavor, apple-grape blast, bubble-gum and fun orange maha bar. I asked my daughter to choose any one, but I had to give in at last and bought all the 5!(kids you know)..

paddle pop ice creams

Back home, Anshika was so excited to try all the flavors. She started with the bubble gum flavoured one while singing ‘yumm bubla jumma bubla’…

Here are the various flavors we bought and here is how it tasted. I can tell you more about these frozen desserts as I dug into those too (just like a lovely mom :P)

  • Strawberry Jelly:

Tasted like a real strawberry in a jelly form. Strawberry jelly was my daughter’s favourite. What’s more – the Jelly also wobbles as per its theme of enjoying & play with the ice-cream.

  • Cola Blast:

Cola blast is an ice-candy which tastes like real cola. My daughter wasn’t too fond of the cola flavor though. I wasn’t too fond of this one.

  • Apple Grape Blast:

Personally I loved the Apple – Grape flavor the most. It gives the mixed flavors of apple and grapes – unique, sweet and tangy!

  • Bubble Gum:

Bubble gum flavor reminded me of my childhood days. This ice-cream brings out the real bubble gum flavour. My daughter was fond of this too and this has a great novelty again of playing with the same.

  • Fun Orange Maha bar:

Orange maha bar tastes exactly like orange juice turned into an ice candy. Delightfully delicious! It’s super refreshing.

paddle pop ice creams

While she was enjoying the paddle pop ice creams, the parenting blogger in me wanted to know more about the Paddle pop range from the Kwality Wall’s  and I happily checked their official website. I was surprised to see the interesting sections of myths & facts, nutritional information and an adventurous gaming league for Paddle Pop lovers.

According to Hindustan Unilever Ltd, Paddle Pop ice-creams come under the category of frozen desserts. They contain milk solids, sweetener and inclusions like chocolate, fruit pieces and nuts depending on the product.

All Kwality Wall’s products are 100% vegetarian.

Here are some of the nutritional information and the myth busters I learnt from the Kwality Wall’s website about Paddle Pop ice-creams.

Paddle Pop ice creams contain no more than:

  • 110 kcal per serving
  • 3g of saturated fat per serving
  • 20g of added sugar per 100g

Which makes it ideal for kids when compared to the other sweet snacks available in the market.

myths and facts

myths 3

To sum it all I can say with Paddle Pop ice creams a healthy indulgence for your kid is assured along with exciting and playful experience like the Jellies.


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