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A stay at home mom for a feisty 19 month old named Ahaana, Chitra Santosh has rekindled her romance with words once again now. Though Arakkonam is her home, she can be seen migrating to Mavelikara, a quaint little town in Alappey during summers. Studies have shown that this has no connection with the migratory patterns of birds.


  1. this is amazing..!! i so relate to all of it!! .. waters broke but no sign of labor.. went thru all of it.. and yes no food.. that was the worst part coz i had an early dinner and was craving for food.
    walking helps and definitely yelling at someone makes you feel much better.. 😀

    kudos chithra.. amazing write up

  2. Hi

    My water broke around 3am n i was admitted and induced at 11am. My son was born at 11:40pm so a 12 hour labour n no epidural.

    Funniest part was when doc came to check, my hubby said ” she’s in lot of pain. Please do something “. For which she said, she’s having a baby, m not a magician.

    My tips for those expecting mommas, walk walk n walk till u can yes even in labour. Ask ur partner to remind u about breathing as u will forget n it helps to lessen ur pain or rather diverts ur attention.

    All the best.

    • Chitra Santosh on

      Mridula, I completely agree. My husband is my rock and yet when I went into labor, he kept walking around like it was the end of the world. And I saw his face and realised that he wasn’t helping me be calm. So I asked him to wait outside and relax. Fortunately my nurse was sympathetic as she went through the same and so she kept reminding me to breathe.

  3. anjali sinha on

    The thought of labor pain scared me through my entire pregnancy. My water broke at midnight and I was rushed to the hospital however real pain began early morning. Mine was a 12 hour long labor and I still wonder how I survived those long hours. I was snapping at my husband and in laws shouting at every nurse I came across and pleading everybody to do something to relive me of the pain. One nurse came consoling that this pain is just a matter of few hours and I shouldn’t worry and I shouted how r u going to undersatnd my pain you r not even married . Finally mt DS arrived at half past four in the evening. And the moment the nurse handed him to mr trust me every pain vanished.I still feel it has been my biggest struggle so far and I still get the nightmare of labor room but when I see my DS smiling back at me it’s all gone. Just would like to say all that pain is worth it.

    • My labour pains began after two days of inducing, but as you mentioned contractions were more painful than the actual labour. The hospital I got admitted to only resort to normal birth, so I had such hallucinations of getting my gynec killed, so I could appeal for c section..lol. All in all an experience of a lifetime.

      • Chitra Santosh on

        Haha Jo, same here. I chose the hospital as they use C-Sections only for emergencies. When I almost gave up, my doc said, ok, we will get the OT ready, but you need to sign a consent form saying whatever happens to the baby is on me and not the doc. I got so scared and angry and with that final push, I was ready! After the delivery, my doctor said, he was only kidding and he said it to boost my morale!! Weird, but it worked!!

    • Chitra Santosh on

      Hi Anjali, thank God for the fact that babies are adorable or our race would have been wiped off long back. After that ordeal, holding your baby in your arms is a totally magical feeling!

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