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Having worst heartburn during pregnancy and hunting for solutions?

How to cure heartburn during pregnancy?

Is acid reflux in pregnancy normal?

Is heartburn and acidity during pregnant inevitable?

Today we have some pregnancy heartburn home remedies to help you through your pregnancy so that you can have your meals without being worried about heartburn.

heartburn during pregnancy

Pregnancy is a wonderful time for moms. They experience a lot of things they would have otherwise just heard or read about. But along with the good things comes a bit of unpleasantness as well.

The common symptoms of pregnancy include nausea, heartburn, bloating and acidity during pregnancy. They can sound like a menace and they are, but they can be managed. All you have got to do is take one step at a time.

So today’s step is dealing with heartburn.

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What is heartburn?

Ever had food only to feel an unpleasant burning sensation all the way from your throat to gut? That, my dear friends, is heartburn also known as acid reflux. Now you may have experienced these symptoms before, but during pregnancy, it just gets worse.

Pregnancy is a time when your system is awash with hormones. Of this, the hormone called Progesterone relaxes the muscles of the body. It also to equips the body to accommodate the growing baby and relax the joints to facilitate the delivery.

Along with that the muscles of the digestive system relaxes too. This leads to the relaxing of the valve that keeps the acids of the stomach from the food pipe.

The growing belly pushes the stomach upward and the relaxed valve causes the acid into the food pipe.

Hormones also causes the digestion process to slow down, which means less stomach acids. All this causes the dreaded heartburn and acidity during pregnancy.

Relation between food and heart burn:

Certain food items can cause heart burn. Surprised?

Well, don’t be. It is true.

Food items like citrus fruits, chocolates, coffee and tea can trigger heart burn. Now, you know that you need to lay off coffee, tea and chocolates during pregnancy.

But what about citrus fruits? Well, my tip, smaller portions and plenty of water.

Apart from that you should also cut down on spicy, oily and fatty food. They too can give you a bad heart burn. What if you are someone who can’t live without it, have some serious craving for spicy food or some deep fried snacks?

Then again, have small portions and do not forget the water.

14 home remedies for heartburn during pregnancy:

Heartburn is something most moms to be complain about, especially towards the last leg of pregnancy. I know, because I did. I almost didn’t want to have food for the fear of heartburn. But I learnt to control it.

What if I told you that you can control this with simple home remedies?

Here are the 14 safe and effective home remedies for heartburn during pregnancy phase.

#1. Ginger

During pregnancy, it will definitely benefit you, if you make ginger, your pal. Apart from warding of nausea, ginger is helpful in tackling heartburn too. You can either boil a bit in water and have that or have some ginger candy.

Tackle morning sickness during pregnancy with simple home remedies by following.

#2. Curd

Curd is really good when it comes to dealing with heartburn. Have a bowl of curd after your food. Apart from helping with heartburn, curd also helps in digestion. It also helps to keep the body cool.

#3. Milk

Apart from sorting out your calcium requirements a glass of milk can also tackle heartburn. But if the milk has too much of fat, it may work against you, in that case, you can water it down or use skimmed or fat free milk.

#4. Warm milk with honey

A glass of warm milk with honey with soothe all your digestion woes. So get yourself a glass of milk with a spoonful of honey and sip away.

#5. Coconut water

During pregnancy, say goodbye to the packaged juices and say hello to natures wonder drink. Coconut water helps soothe your digestive tract and make you feel refreshed.

#6. Fennel

Apart from keeping your mouth fresh after a meal, fennel or saunf is good for heartburn too. But have it in moderation.

#7. Almonds

A handful of almonds can also help you win your fight against heartburn.

#8. Apple

An apple a day is good for keeping the doctor away.

Do you what else it is good for? For keeping the heart burn away!

Try a few slices of apple after a meal to keep those acids in check.

#9. Cardamom

Boil 2-3 cardamoms in one glass of water. Boil it. Have this water after meals.

Cardamom is known to soothe many problems related to the digestive system and so will reduce the acidity.

#10. Basil leaves

Chew some basil or tulsi leaves before a meal to reduce the effects of heart burn.

#11. Banana

Forget medicines, banana is one of the most efficient home remedies for heart burn during pregnancy. Include it as the part of your diet and bid farewell to that horrible heart burn.

#12. Aloe vera juice

Aloe vera is good for almost everything. It is good for heart burn too.

Take the gel of aloe vera and mix it with water, blend well and consume. If you aren’t a fan of the taste, mix it with some curd for a delicious aloe vera smoothie.

#13. Cloves

If you have started dreading meal times due to heart burn, try some cloves.

You can either boil some water with cloves in it or chew on a clove after your food. Not only does it freshen the mouth and helps in the dental well-being, it also helps in digestion.

#14. Chewing gum

Wondering how this can help? It helps to stimulate saliva production and that helps to minimize the wrath of the acid which means relief from that horrendous burn.

Easy ways to keep heartburn at bay:

Here are the tried and tested ways to keep heartburn away.

  • Eat small meals

Rather than have big portions sizes divide your daily meals into smaller meals.

  • Eat slowly

Take your time with meals. Once the child joins you, there won’t be time for elaborate meals anyway.

  • Amp up your fluids

Make sure you have a lot of water, dehydration can cause a lot of issues including heart burn.

  • No water with food

While water is good for you refrain from having it along with food. Instead have it in between meals.

  • Do not lie down right after meal

Though you might want to lie down every now and then, do not do so after having food. Instead take a light stroll, it will help stretching the muscles and also aid in digestion.

  • Raise your head and chest while lying down

Yes, you guessed it right, this way the acids will stay where they are supposed to.

  • Food triggers

Avoid spicy, fried and fatty food. These may seem tasty, but they come with side effects. Such foods can cause acid reflux. Apart from these chocolate and items with caffeine also can trigger heart burn.

You can also read about the 10 foods to be avoided or taken in moderation during pregnancy.

  • Clothing

Wear loose clothing. Tight clothes can put more pressure on your tummy and increase your discomfort.

Frequently asked questions about heartburn during pregnancy (with answers):

Read everything above, but still have some questions popped in your mind? This section deals with the FAQs on heartburn during pregnancy.

#1. Is heart burn a cause for concern? Will it affect my baby?

Heart burn is a common occurrence for most pregnant ladies. While it is can be irritating and uncomfortable, it won’t affect your baby.

#2. I love ___ but I just read it causes heart burn, what should I do?

First question, is it healthy and good for the baby? If your answer is yes, then have it, but in small portions.

If the question made you go – Not all that healthy, then try to find something else that is better for and the baby.

#3. Can I take any medication for heart burn?

Heart burn can be effectively brought down with the use of safe and healthy home remedies for heartburn during pregnancy. If you are experiencing severe heart burn and are unable to find relief, then let you gynecologist know.

Only take medicines prescribed by your doctor during pregnancy and stop the urge to self-medicate.

#4. I have heard most pregnant ladies complain about heart burn. When does it start?

Most women have heart burn towards the end of the pregnancy as the growing uterus starts occupying more space. But don’t be surprised if it shows up early on.

We are different and so are our bodies, so for some, the heart burn becomes a part of their pregnancy journey in the first trimester itself. But if you follow the methods listed above, you can keep a check on that.

#5. Is it normal to have heart burn during the first trimester?

Though it shows up towards the end, some women experience it as early as the first month. So nothing to be worried about. Just remember to eat well and eat healthy. Also follow the simple remedies and tips to bring down the discomfort.

#6. Should I see a doctor for heart burn?

Heart burn is not a serious concern, it just a sign that your uterus is expanding and making space for the growing baby. It is also a sign that the hormones are doing their bit.

However, you need to let your gynecologist know if you are finding it difficult to keep any food down, have no or less appetite. It is important as you need the energy and the nutrients.

#7. I have always experienced some acidity, will it become worse during pregnancy. If yes, what can I do to avoid it?

First of all, you need to let your doctor know so that you can rule out any illness.

Apart from illnesses, certain medications can also cause acid reflux and heart burn. Make sure your doctor knows about all the medications you have been taking.

If your heartburn is not due to the above reasons, it could be due to any of the following reasons.

  • Not eating at regular intervals
  • Less fibre intake
  • Lack of exercise
  • Smoking
  • Eating excessively spicy food
  • Using too much salt in food
  • Eating oily and deep fried food

If you are guilty of any of the reasons mentioned above, time to make some changes in your life. Follow the remedies and tips mentioned in the post for relief.

#8. I am fine during the day, but I am experiencing severe heartburn during the night. Is it something to worry about?

It could be because you are lying down immediately after your dinner. It could also be due to the angle at which you sleep.

Keep your head and chest elevated. Also wear comfortable and loose clothing for the bed time. If it is interfering with your sleep, then do let your doctor know.

#9. Is it possible to avoid heart burn during pregnancy?

Heart burn is a part and parcel of pregnancy, but you can reduce the discomfort brought on by heart burn and acidity by following the simple suggestions mentioned in this post.

#10. I am experiencing burning sensation in my throat after my meals? Is that related to heart burn?

Heart burn and acidity doesn’t just mean a burning sensation in the chest. It can also cause a burning feeling in the throat due to the reflux.

#11. I have heard that the heart burn is not due to my food habits but because I am carrying a hairy baby. So then how will changing my diet help?

Pregnancy is a wonderful phase, but it also has a whole lot of myths and misconceptions associated with it. The reason for your heart burn is definitely not your baby’s hair. It is a common myth.

So don’t be too surprised if you have heart burn and your baby doesn’t have much hair. It works the other way too, you may not have had much trouble with heart burn and would have given birth to a baby with a head full of hair.

You can also read about tackling constipation during pregnancy.

Hope these tips will help all the moms to be.

Mommies, were you also plagued by heartburn during pregnancy? Do you have any remedies that help against heart burn?

Do share with me in comments.


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