How Should I Dress my Baby with Eczema? | Skin Friendly Clothing for Eczema


Eczema is a skin condition that is very common in babies and kids. It causes very dry and itchy skin that keeps coming and going. It is not a very dangerous condition but might be very frustrating for children as well as parents. Often the itching and irritation caused by dress materials can flare up this skin condition. So how to choose kidswear that is skin-friendly for eczema and doesn’t aggravate skin conditions like dryness, itchiness, and inflammation?

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First, let us see what kind of dress materials are bad for sensitive skin.

Clothes and Fabrics to Avoid for Kids with Eczema

It is recommended to avoid using synthetic fabrics for babies suffering from eczema. Synthetic fabrics like rayon, nylon, polyester, etc tend to worsen the effects of eczema. The bad effects of synthetic fabrics on your baby’s eczema-prone skin are many.

  • Synthetic fabrics are not breathable and may cause more severe infections.
  • Synthetic fabrics like polyester, although looks smooth, cause skin irritation. 
  • Apart from nylon, polyester, and rayon- wool, rough denim should also be avoided as it causes irritation and itchiness when coming in contact with the skin.
  • The synthetic fabrics emit phytoestrogens which might act as carcinogenic agents. 
  • As the polyester is a bad conductor of heat, it causes sweat and turns out to be warm for the skin. This worsens dry skin.
  • They also don’t absorb sweat and this can irritate the already sensitive skin further.
  • They also cause acute skin infections, rashes, and itching.
  • If used for a long time, synthetic fabrics also cause acute respiratory infections. 

Hence, it is recommended to avoid synthetic fabrics and go for natural and organic ones. Though wool is a natural fabric, it is a bad choice for babies with eczema. You all must have experienced how irritating wool dresses can be when they rub on skin. So instead of wool clothing, you can layer your baby with clothes made from soft natural materials to keep them warm during winters.

For the above reasons, choosing eczema friendly fabrics for children is important and this can make them comfortable and give a healing effect too.

What is eczema friendly clothing?

Eczema friendly clothing is the kind of skin-friendly clothing best suitable for kids with itchy dry skin.

  • They are made up of natural materials like 100% organic cotton
  • Free from any irritating factory/ other tags
  • Clothes with big enough neckline so that they can be easily put on without irritation. Turtle neck dresses and tight-fitting clothes are a big no-no for sensitive skin.
  • A comfortable waistline is recommended. A tight thin elastic strap around the waist can cause further damage to already dry skin.
  • Clothes with no embellishments are good. Stoneworks, sequins, etc can rub on to the dry scaly skin causing it to break.

Why is eczema clothing important?

Treating eczema with natural remedies and creams is effective. But what if the fabric is worsening the disease. Comfortable and eczema-friendly clothing, hence, becomes an integral part of your baby’s dressing when the skin is itchy and inflamed. By selecting eczema friendly clothes, you are giving your baby’s skin a chance to heal completely by keeping that irritating fabric itch away. 

Go for the fabrics which are free from any pesticides, harmful chemicals, or any kind of harsh treatment. Cotton, especially organic cotton is the most preferable fabric to wear for babies with eczema. Choose pesticide-free, 100% organic cotton fabric from Nino bambino to keep your baby away from any kind of skin disease including eczema. Also, consider pre-washing new clothes to avoid any risks of skin irritation.

What can you pick from Nino bambino for your baby suffering from eczema?

At Nino Bambino, there are varieties of clothes that are eczema friendly. Made from organic cotton, the kidswear from Nino Bambino is comfortable for kids and doesn’t flare up skin conditions like dry skin and eczema. There are clothing to choose from for your girl or boy baby. The recommended dressing for your baby would be nightwear, jabhlas, onesies, sleepsuits, shorts, kurta pajama, tops/tees, tank tops- skirt, and frocks for girls. 

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Winter is coming and Nino Bambino provides a variety of winter wear that are warm and comfortable minus the itchiness and skin allergy. You can go for cotton full rompers, long sleeve bodysuits, etc. from Nino Bambino. To keep the baby warm during winters, consider dressing the baby in layers than going for skin-irritating woolen jackets and tops. Here are 9 must-haves from Nino Bambino for your little one to be winter-ready.

Accept and adapt to nature, for  “Nature is the greatest place to heal and recharge.” Shop from Nino Bambino and give a soothing touch to your baby’s skin.


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