9 Must Haves from Nino Bambino for your Little One to be Winter Ready


Monsoon is slowing down in India and we are all set to welcome the winter. Come winter season and we parents start looking out for new winter clothing for our little ones. We want to make sure our children are protected and are comfortable during this season change. This is justified as the children, especially babies, don’t have fully developed immunity and are more susceptible to illness. They need extra care and precautions. 

We get many winter essentials in the market nowadays. But most of the parents complain about the discomfort their kids feel in winter clothing, especially itching and skin rash. So here comes to rescue Nino Bambino. At Nino Bambino, they offer organic, skin-friendly comfortable kids’ clothing. The fabrics for Nino Bambino kidswear are made from organic cotton and hence are breathable and doesn’t cause skin rashes or allergies. You can get a variety of comfortable winter essentials from Nino Bambino that are cozy and warm during winter.

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Let us explore the eco-friendly, organic, trendy, and stylish clothing brand of Nino bambino for this winter. In this article, let us have a look at the 9 must-haves for your little ones to be winter-ready.

9 Must haves from Nino Bambino for your little one to be winter ready

This winter, ensure your little ones’ extra protection with Nino Bambino winter essentials. While you are worrying about the potential seasonal and pandemic risks during this winter, let me help you by sharing some of the winter-ready products for kids that are just a few clicks away. Here are nine Nino Bambino products that can help you take care of your baby/toddler/kids when the mercury level drops.

1.Cotton Full Romper

This is on the top list this winter. A good quality winter wear like a full romper is one of the winter needs which would make your child feel protected and cozy. The full romper is available in different colors and variety. You can choose from a variety of prints and designs. Moreover, there are also variations in styles like the hoodie full romper, fleece footie romper, and cotton full romper. Pick any as per your need and requirements. Just put the romper on the kid’s regular clothing and you are ready to go. 

2.Cotton Sweater

If your baby is one who gets much irritable with the woolen sweater on, this product is your answer. Nino Bambino cotton sweater is designed to keep your little one warm and comfortable minus the skin irritation.

3.Longsleeve Bodysuits/onesies

What worries most of the moms is, the kids don’t want to sleep with the sweater on even during very cold nights. So here is the comfortable option – bodysuits or the onesies. Onesies are the favorite of most babies because of the comfort level. To make your baby comfortable and a little warmer, you may cover him or her with a layer of long sleeve onesie or bodysuit over the regular dress.

Nino bambino for kids4.Nino Bambino Anti-Pill Polyester Recycled Polar Fleece Long Sleeve Winter Sweatshirt

The long sleeve winter sweatshirt is a must-try product at Nino Bambino. Perfect for indoors as well as for outdoors, they are good comfortable alternatives for woolen sweaters. You get a variety of winter sweatshirts at Nino Bambino like hoodie color sweatshirts, poncho top wear, high collar sweatshirt, and sweatshirt for the unisex. 

5.Fleece Hood Wrap Sleepsuit

On the real cold nights when rompers, body warmers, and other essentials are not enough, simply pick a fleece hood wrap sleepsuit for your baby. This soft, one-piece, full-body covering warm hooded sleep sack will give your baby a cozy and comfortable sleep throughout the night. 

6.Cotton leggings/jeans

How can you say No to a comfortable pair of leggings/ jeans in winter? They are trendy, stylish, and undoubtedly the most comfortable outfit.  You may pair legging/jeans pants with kurta for a traditional and festive look or just pair with a sweatshirt for a more casual winter look.

While you can go for denim jeans, you have options to choose from leggings that are available in a range of colors.  

7.Cotton Cap/knotted cap

Winter caps are one of the most important essentials for kids, especially for babies. The babies’ tiny head gets cool so quickly which makes them more prone to cold during the winter season. Hence, it is always recommended to cover their heads during the winter months. So, reduce their chances of falling sick and pick the caps from the varieties available- like a knotted cap or cotton caps. 

Many of the parents doubt how effective the cotton caps might be? If you believe me, they are most comfortable as essential sleepwear to protect your child from catching a cold during the nights. Pick a suitable cap from Nino Bambino and add to your baby’s cuteness.

8.Baby blanket

Nothing can replace a cozy warm baby blanket. So, don’t give the defined skin-friendly blanket from Nino Bambino a miss, also for its most reasonable prices. 

9.Booties and mitten set

Remember the advice that you got when you became a new mother? Keep those little fingers and toes covered to keep the babies warm and to have a good night’s sleep. Make your babies more comfortable by picking those cute little booties and mitten set from Nino Bambino and keep them comfortable throughout the chilly season. I loved the booties and mitten collection at Nino Bambino. Don’t give them a miss.

The above listed products are your answer to keep your kids comfortable during this winter. Go, explore Nino Bambino, select stylish winter wear made of organic materials that are skin-friendly, and comfortable. Don’t forget to comment below your top picks from the list.


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