Who else wants to be the next Maria Kang?


maria kang

Who else wants to be the next Maria Kang ? I am sure you might have heard about Maria Kang . No ? Seriously ? Are you sure ? OK here it goes . Maria Kang is a mom, freelancer who stirred up the controversy by uploading her ‘put fat to shame’ fit body in minimal gym wear along with her three charming sons aged 10 months, 2 and 3 years respectively.

I had noticed a lot many people criticizing her tagline ” Whats your excuse ?” in FB . Many responded with hate messages and made hatred clubs too. As a mom and as a person when I went through her website and her FB page , I felt amazing. Such a dedicated and committed person !! I had been reading her blog for a while and I must say every post of hers is amazing and inspiring. So let me jot down what would it take to be the next Maria Kang .

  • Love Yourself and Your Body 

As moms we always have a tendency to procrastinate things like grooming , exercising or even maintaining a good check on ‘ what you eat ‘ . After baby , the thought of ” I am a mother now , why should I take care of myself ?” sets in . Maria Kang talks about the love she has for herself and the self-respect that motivates her everyday.

Well Maria , point taken.

  • Facing Life as it is

I am sure when Maria posted her pics which became viral , she would not have thought about the bad publicity or controversy it could have created . But Maria is unshaken , she continues what she used to be doing in her past , though now she has more media interviews,  fan following , and much more publicity now . As she says ” No one can make you feel inferior without your consent ”

  • Work Life Balance

Maria is a mom of three , runs an NGO / non profitable organisation , does freelancing all that too without a maid. Her work life balance is amazing and something to be looked up to.

  • Embracing Motherhood and Staying Fit

Maria Kang says she has visible stretch marks , says she is not perfect and strives to be the one someday.  Now this is what I look forward to hear from a mommy , accepting the good and bad of motherhood , but still daring to admit it.

Now Whats your excuse ?

Personally I love Maria Kang. I love her not just for the fab body she owns, but for the discipline , dedication, time management and for being comfortable in her own skin. Thank you for being positive , having your heads up even under attack and marking a difference.You can read more about her here .


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