What Would You Choose for Your Baby?


Its said a baby’s development starts from the early days of pregnancy . A mom’s food, thoughts and even emotions are passed on to the baby. It is where the foundation of proper physical and mental health of a baby is laid.

Ayurveda dates back to 1500 BC.  As a Keralite , I followed antenatal and postnatal care with the Ayurvedic herbs , medicines and healing methods. Here I list down my understanding of the Ayurvedic Vs chemically processed / synthetic products and its role in a baby’s early growth and development.


Medicines : Dhanwantaram Gulika / tablets and crushed ginger, lemon to curb morning sickness, nausea and vomiting Vs processed ginger biscuits and anti nausea tablets available in the drugstores

Health drinks : Milk with saffron , turmeric, almonds or milk infused with shatavari root, Sugha Prasavadi Kritham to boost milk production, stamina and strength Vs the formulated health drinks for expecting mothers

Massage oil : Dhanwantara Tailam for body massages which relieves from leg cramps and lightening stretch marks Vs mineral massage oils and stretch mark creams available in the market loaded with silicone and paraben


Medicines :  Thengin Pookuladi Lehyam , Ajamaamsa Rasayanam, Saaraswadakritham helping in milk secretion and regaining the body’s strength Vs milk secretion tablets / synthetically produced galactogogues available in the market

Health Drinks/ Syrups :  Jeerakarishtam, Muthaarishtam , Draakshaarishtam, Aswagandaarishtam, Shatavari kalpams Vs vitamin supplements , anti gastric tablets, energy shakes available in the market

Massage for baby : Eladi Keratailam, Laakashadi keratailam, Chembarathyaadi tailam, Virgin coconut oil for baby’s body and hair massage helping in strengthening Vs mineral based oils, lotions, creams available in the market filled with paraben , silicone, added color, preservatives and other harsh chemicals

Milk for baby : Breastmilk as advised by Ayurveda Vs branded iron fortified formula milk powder available in the markets

Medicines for colicky babies : A concoction of cumin, fennel and coriander powder steeped in hot water taken by moms help to reduce colic in breastfed babies Vs anticolicky syrups and medicines

3. For 6 Months+ Babies and Toddlers

Food : First foods prescribed by Ayurveda which balances the vata-pita-kapha doshas ; lentil rice mash , kanji / gruel water , sprouted ragi malt, fresh fruits, vegetable puree etc providing nutrients required for healthy development and growth of babies Vs instant baby foods, cereals, fruit jars , canned meat mashes etc which are loaded with added sugar , preservatives , color , milk powder and glucose in higher quantities.

Constipation in toddlers : Triphala Choorna , Avipaatikarna Churna etc Vs the processed laxatives available in drugstores

Memory and Immunity Boosters for Children : Panchamritam, Chyawanprash and Brahmi Vs the energy drinks of various brands

As mentioned above Ayurveda benefits both mom and baby from the initial stages of pregnancy. Ayurveda is holistic and treats the root cause of illness thereby ensuring our future health too.

Synthetic or processed products would give us relief for a short term period but the root cause is not cured completely. Now its up to us , what we choose for our life ,our children.

NOTE : This post is my entry for Dabur Lal Tail Traditional Knowledge , Natural Growth contest by Indiblogger


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