Make Diwali Paper Lanterns or Aaakash Kandil At Home – DIY


The festival of fun, happiness and lights is here. On this festive time, are you trying to make quick Diwali paper lanterns at home with your child? If yes please try this. I am no expert in this creative area nor did I end up making a perfect lantern. However this was fun and very quick πŸ™‚ Here is a DIY for you on how to make diwali paper lanterns or aakash kandil at home.

diwali paper lanterns

Quick Diwali Paper Lanterns or Aakash Kandil: 

Vacation has begun and I felt this is the perfect time for parents to make these Diwali paper lanterns or aakash kandil with the help of toddlers.

Materials Required to Make Diwali Paper Lanterns:

  • 1 chart paper (any color)
  • 1 sheet of fluorescent or any bright color paper sheet (I took a blue base)
  • 1 sheet of a gift wrap paper.
  • 1 packet of origami sheets (craft paper) – different colored sheets
  • 1 sheet of a golden paper
  • Glue and a pair of scissors and stapler

How to Make Diwali Paper Lanterns (with Step by Step Pictures):

  • Cut the chart paper into a rectangle of width 8 to 9 inches. Keep the length such that when you roll this chart paper the diameter is about 6 to 7 inches.

step 1 diwali paper lanterns step 2 diwali paper lanterns

  • Cover this chart paper with the colored sheet. You could simply use a stapler to do this.

diwali paper lanterns

  • Cut strips of golden paper of approximately 1.5 inch thick and 1 inch thick to paste on the top and the bottom of the cylinder we just made. Your base would now look something similar.

diwali paper lanterns

  • Cut out squares from the golden paper 3inch * 3 inch size.

diwali paper lanterns

  • Use your origami paper as base and stick these golden colored squares on them as shown.

diwali paper lanterns

  • Paste these on one of the diagonal with gluestick .You will now have multi-coloured patterns which you need to stick to the cylindrical base as shown.

aakash kandil DIY

  • For the base stripes use the gift wrapping paper and randomly cut strips ensuring that you this only 3/4th. Use the remaining 1/4th to stick to the cylinder bottom.

diwali paper lanterns DIY     diy diwali paper lanterns

  • The final outcome will look something like this.

quick diwali paper lanterns

You could use a gelatin paper instead of the blue sheet if you intend to use a bulb inside. That will make it brighter when lit. You could decorate this one with glass pieces to add to the effect.

Hope you liked this simple DIY on Diwali paper lanterns or aakash kandil πŸ™‚

If you are finding it difficult to make Aakash kandil at home you can also buy some colourful one from online starting at just Rs 299/-



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