How to Dress Up Kids for Navratri?


How to dress up kids this Navratri?

What are the accessories you can use to dress up your little one during Navratri?

How can you dress up your boy and girl for garba or dandiya?

We bring to you all the details on how to dress up your kids during this festive season.

how to dress up kids for navratri

The most colorful festival of our Indian Calendar, Navratri is just round the corner.

This is the festival dedicated for worshipping Hindu Goddesses. The word “Navratri” itself means ‘Nine nights’ and during these nights, distinct forms of Devi are worshipped. It ends with Dusshera on the tenth day, which we also call ‘Vijayadashmi’.

It is celebrated once in the year, typically in the start of October (dates may vary based on lunar calendar). The festival is celebrated in different ways throughout India. In western part of India, namely in Gujarat and Mumbai, it is celebrated in the form of Garba, Dandiya or Raas dance.

Navratri, the much awaited festival of the year brings back a lot of thrill as I recall faded memories and leap down the memory lane. The times when we were meant to dress up for each night and play Garba endlessly,  followed by a lot of games like musical chair, dumb charades, truth and dare etc.

There used to be zest in the air as all of us geared up to sync our dandiyas to the tunes of “Tara vina shyam, ekaldu laage…”, “Chale re chale re maaru chakdol chaale…” and “Paavli layi ne hu to pavagarh gai ti…”.

All the gujarati songs from the famous “Khelaiya” album of Navratri special songs are so digged deeply in my senses that although I’m not a fluent gujarati speaker, I can keep singing those and love them more all the time! All in all, you will find a lot of enthusiasm calling for celebration, dancing, eating and dressing up like so uniquely, so colorfully, when you enter Gujarat.

How to dress up kids during Navratri festival – step by step guide:

The colorful festival not only fascinates us, but also little kids. The once in a year festival so attracts the tiny viewers that they feel like getting dressed in such traditional attire and dance away their itty-bitty movements.

In this post, let’s discuss on how we can set our cuppy cakes ready to flee for the dancing night.

#1. Dressing up little girls for Navratri:

My girl is a real fashion enthusiast. She’d love to explore the entire store/mall and manage to pick herself the best of all. She knows what? when? wear! She loves to be wearing what she likes and chooses garments herself may it be to the kinder garten, movies, outing with friends etc.

Not just that but I’ve seen most little girls going crazy after our vanity kits, mine is just one of them. So, ladies this is the right time they can have the privilege and please let them use your cheeky glow because as they say “they will be little, for just a little while”, this will be one such act fulfilling their fantasies.

  • Dress

chaniya choli

Usually, the traditional attire for females comes in a three piece set: flairy skirt for bottom, a blouse with embroidery/handwork and a bandhani dupatta shining with sequins, shells, mirrors etc. But having mentioned that, there are endless varieties available now-a-days.

Choose a light weight chaniya choli, that you feel your girl would be able to carry and dance with comfort. Do not opt for a very long one (thinking it can be carry forwarded to next year too), because they won’t be able to dance with it and might slip too.

In fact go for the exact length or a below-the-knee length which also looks trendy for little girls. Let dupatta be optional for them, if at all they insist wearing one, buy a stole sized one that doesn’t hamper walking or dancing.


Apart from that, find for one that doesn’t hurt sequins/work when touched on to the body. Choose to replace the cotton string with elastic band for better grip through the waist for the skirt/chaniya.

Lastly, pin the dupatta safely making sure the pin doesn’t open up and hurt or fasten it properly so as the dupatta doesn’t fall apart.

  • Jewellery

I’m a pretty much “for the tiny treasure’s comfort” doer. So, I do not entertain bulking little kids with heavy traditional jewellery. Trust me, they will be much more comfortable without the jewellery and not adorning  jewellery wont make them look an inch faded.

I’m a Navratri freak and from the most scenarios encountered, I can definitely say that girls often end up asking their moms to remove the heavy piece of necklace, earrings and bangles. Or they look irritated due to heavy jewellery.

Instead, opt for light weight jewels if you choose to. Like the necklaces made from thread, light earrings or bindis in place of earrings. Bangles and waistlets are usually not very bulky, so you can go ahead with your choice of matching/contrasting bangles and waistlets.

To further minimize the total of weight of the Navratri outfit plus accessories, I’ve come up with hand-made feet accessories that look graceful on their tiny feet.

  • Make-Up

For girls above 5 years, I guess it will be safe to use your make up in a minimum quantity. Please make sure to use a good brand that is less chemical formulated so as to minimize the risk of side effects and allergy.

For older kids, you may just inact make-up application to convince them J

  • Footwear

footwear for girls

You can decorate a pair of bellies with traditional stuff just like I did. You can also let your girl wear her existing footwear. Mojris can work well too.

#2. Dressing up little boys:

Generally, males wear a two piece set of Kediya Dhoti accompanied with a turban/cap on the head. Like I already said earlier, there have been a number of inventions for males too to wear as a traditional outfit for Navratri.

  • Dress

dress for boys

Again, choose a light weight dress for him. You can either opt for ‘kediyu’ or traditional sleeveless jacket and dhoti or a kafni pajama for little boys. Buy the one that can be comfortably worn.

Check the inside portion to make sure there are no sequins and mirrors that might hurt. Go for elastic band fastened in to the bottom for better grip.

Do not go for one size bigger so that he doesn’t slip while dancing.

They can wear a traditional cap,  that will be a brownie to make the gentleman look more colorful.

  • Jewellery

For little boys, you can buy oxidized metal ornaments: a neck piece, an ankle kada and push ear-rings that won’t require piercings.


Neck piece

ankle kada

Ankle kada

Alternatively, you will also find thread crafted accessories for boys. These options are super light and comfortable too.

  • Make-up

I know, I know. Some notorious boys sneak up to your closet to explore your make up and also enjoy application. Go ahead and do the touch up if at all they are too very fascinated with your lip gloss and foundation.

Do make sure to use a reputed brand or less chemical formulated to minimize the risk of skin allergy.

  • Footwear

Buy them cute mojris that are now a days available in all sizes for kids.

Other accessories for boys and girls:

We can find varieties of accessories to team up with traditional outfits to compliment them.


  • Traditional umbrella
  • Traditional potlis, purses or slings
  • Traditional armlets, waistlets or waist chains

It’s totally up to a child what all he or she would be able to carry. We just need to make sure to limit our purchases based on reading what will be easy-peasy for them to adorn.

What next, your dandiya queen or king is all set to spark the stage and set it on fire. Make them practice a few basic steps like clapping one-two-three, one clap and turn around. Just hand them over small plastic or hollow metal dandiyas and let them do the rest.

Hope this article on how to dress up kids for Navratri time was informative and helpful. Do share the pics of your little ones all decked up for Navratri with us. We will be happy to share it in our social media.


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