10 Ways To Engage Your Toddler This Diwali


engage toddler this diwali

Diwali the festival of lights, the festival of happiness and what better way to spend this time with your child? Bond with your child in a special way this Diwali. Festivals gives us ample of opportunity for some mother- child bonding in a special way.

Some of the things you could do with your toddler in tow this Diwali…

10 Ways to Engage your Toddler This Diwali:

1. Shop with your Child:

Take your toddler out for shopping. Make them a part of the Diwali shopping experience. Show them the diyas, lanterns and lights in the market area. They would love the whole festive fever.

2. Clean your House:

Cleanliness is next to Godliness. What better way to imbibe this in your little one? As you clean let them watch and am sure they would try to imitate you in their own little way 🙂

3. Lights:

When you put up the lights show them the different colors and the patterns. Its going to be a new game for them to watch the way light blinks and it flows. They would absolutely love this brightness around.

4. Sweets/ Snacks:

Preparing sweets / snacks is a ritual during Diwali. Involve your child in the process. Give them a little dough to play with. Make them taste what you make. You are indirectly making your little one aware of your traditions .

5. Rangoli:

When you are making that perfect rangoli, let your toddler also participate. They might end up messing up the whole place, but am sure you would also love this time as much as they do. It will definitely be a riot of colors. 🙂

6. Make your Own Lanterns:

There are links available online to make simple lanterns at home. Spending an hour or so on this with your child is definitely going to be fun.To add to it , it gives you an amazing sense of creative satisfaction 🙂

7. Take your Toddler out on Diwali:

Take your child on a tour of your neighborhood on Diwali day. Show them the lights, diyas, decorations and the rangolis.They are going to be very happy with so many beautiful thing around.

8. Bond with your Neighbors:

When you go to wish your neighbors, friends and family take your child along. Make them also say ‘Happy Diwali’. This ensures that they are also a part of this massive celebration.

9. Pooja Time:

When you are performing the Aarti , make sure that your child also is a part of the Laxmi Pooja. Give them some tasks like decorating the pooja dias or doing the aarti or distributing the prasad. I am sure they will be happy to help 🙂

10. Read Out the Significance of Diwali:

Last but not the least , read them out the story of the importance of Diwali. They might not understand, but if you do this every year they probably would grow up knowing the real significance  of this beautiful festival of lights.

Wishing all of you a happy Diwali and do share your experience of Diwali with your toddler.

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