8 Reasons Why I Discourage Giving Biscuits for Babies


biscuits for babies

Biscuits for Babies?

I had told you that for my delivery I had gone to Kerala. Like any other mom to be I loved to go for my checkups :P, but entering the hospital puts me off. I hate the smell of the medicines at the counter, the phenyl/dettol smell and the ‘pharma’ effect it creates in me.

I remember the time when I had gone for my 8th month checkup with Amma. As usual I and Amma are never in shortage of any topics to be discussed. Anything under the sun, we chitter chat about it 😛

There was a mom and dad with their 1.5 year old daughter. I suspect the lady was pregnant for the second time as she seemed tired and weak.

The poor dad was dragged by the toddler in all the ways she could, while the mom sat in the chair as if she could faint anytime. The toddler came to mom and demanded ‘bilibilis’.

Bilibils? Whats that, we wondered. There the mom took out a packet of biscuits and gave it to the kid.

The daughter felt happy and started munching biscuits one by one. Soon she came back with a few biscuits left.

We went in for my checkup, blood tests and went to the hospital canteen for lunch. There the couple and toddler had come. We sat next to their table and ordered our food.

The toddler was so fussy that she even refused to drink water. All she wanted was to play like any other child her age.

The time was 2.30 PM. We heard the mom shouting ‘ Please have something .. I am fed up.. ‘. Amma turned and told ‘ She doesn’t need lunch it seems, let her come to you when she is hungry’.

The mom told my Amma ‘Aunty I am so tired of this girl. All she needs is biscuits and nothing else. I am too tired to run after her. So at home also my resort is biscuits as she eats it without any fuss and I am happy that she is healthy and full even if she skips breakfast or lunch’.

I was like ‘ WTF ! Biscuits and remaning healthy ? Who said biscuits are good for babies and toddlers, how can a baby eat food if she is loaded with biscuits which fills her all the time ‘.

I remember these thoughts boiling in me for a long time. Recently when  a reader of  Bumps n Baby asked me if she could give biscuits dipped in milk to her baby on a daily basis, I had discouraged her. So I thought of sharing these with you – 8 reasons why I discourage biscuits for babies.

I am not fond of biscuits and you will never see me with a biscuit packet anytime . So I never buy or store biscuits of any sort at home. It helps me a lot in my ‘clean eating’ schedule. So you won’t find biscuits in any of my food charts for babies either.

8 Reasons Why I Discourage Giving Biscuits for Babies:

biscuits for babies

#1. Empty Calories:

Seen the advertisements where in the brands claim for the low fat biscuits ensuring the flattest of tummy you have ever seen in your lifetime? Please don’t fall into this trap.

Biscuits do not contain anything nutritious for adults, so how can it ensure anything good for babies? In short biscuits are considered like ’empty calorie’ foods much like colas and soft drinks.

#2. Maida:

Wheat, soya, multi grain, mixed cereal heard of all the combination of biscuits available isn’t ?

No matter the no: of ingredients added, the main ingredient comes to one – MAIDA !

Maida known as white flour or all purpose flour is the waste product of wheat where in it is refined to an extend it is polished off all the nutrients and goodness.

Maida takes a longer time to digest giving a lot of work to our intestines, so imagine the tiny intestines which has to put in a lot of work to digest the unwanted maida !

#3. Preservatives & Additives:

All processed foods have preservatives and additives in it. So do biscuits!!

Usually margarine which is similar to butter is added in biscuits to increase the taste and flavor. In addition to it preservatives are added so that the biscuits are not spoiled.

#4. High Sugar Content:

You know why we and babies get addicted to biscuits in general?

The high sugar content in the biscuits please us and make us crave for more. That’s why we just cant stop at 1 or 2 🙁

#5. Transfat:

You might have heard of low fat, low calorie biscuits .. so can you give them to babies ?

Nooo never on a daily basis. All biscuits and processed foods have transfat which helps to retain the shape, taste and texture in them.

Even though its written ZERO transfat on the biscuit wrapper, it do contain a certain amount of transfat which is not beneficial for us or even babies!

#6. Constipation:

Do you know biscuits can even cause constipation in babies?

Yes usually the biscuits are free of any nutrition or fibre which causes constipation in babies and adults.

#7. Allergies:

Usually the biscuits are made of wheat and soy. Both are allergenic, which might cause rashes.

#8. Fillers:

You know why you feel full after eating some biscuits?

It is loaded with fillers which actually make you full with empty calories and additives. So we don’t feel hungry for long.

When biscuits are given to babies and toddlers, it easily fills up the little tummies and they go fussy about foods demanding for the same biscuits again.

Amma had told about a biscuit threptin which she used to give me when I was a baby. But I am not sure about those now .

Please consult your ped before giving any such biscuits. I guess threptin biscuits are heavy for the baby’s tummy as its high in proteins and carbs which is not suited for a baby. Please check with your ped if you are planning to give this.

Use biscuits only in case of emergencies like when you are travelling, when you fall sick, when there is no other option etc.

Please refrain from giving biscuits to baby on a daily basis. Instead opt for fruits blended with milk, healthy snacks,  home made biscuits without maida or traditional home made snacks made in good oil.

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Do you give biscuits to your baby ?


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  1. Great article. I always refrain from giving biscuits to my baby and people look at me like I am wierd. Glad to see you share the same thought.

    • Hi.. Same with me too.. I don’t give biscuits to my baby.. Let alone outsiders, it’s so hard to even convince this point to family members.. They think it’s healthy.. My dad said some doctor suggested to give Marie biscuits to babies. My mother in law thinks maida is healthy because it comes from wheat.. They think sugar is not bad. I have such a hard time.. Each person comes with their own beliefs and schools of thought.. When it comes to baby care, all elders think they know better..

      • This is so true its hard to stick with what you want to do because of family pressure all the time. We all know that buiscuits are bad for us but we as adults still eat it. But its our responsibilty to give best to our kids so why give sugar louded crap…

    • Hi Mary the main objective of this post was to discourage regular snacking on biscuits mainly during lunch time .. Once in a while its ok .. Not on an everyday for babies and toddlers …

  2. oh thank god. i fortunately read this article. i used to give atleast two bis a day to my LO. but wont do it. thk u for such a needful information.

  3. sangita madam My Babby is 6 month old..and I am giving parle g biscuit every day because Parle g company says that its made from wheat flour in place of maida. madam please tell me that is this biscuit really made from wheat flour?

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  5. You are absolutely right, Sangeetha. I sometimes pity and sympathize with people’s ignorance. How can biscuits which are so full of maida, salt and sugar be considered healthy?

    I guess the non-responsible Biscuit companies are to be blamed for creating this misunderstanding. Biscuits can never be healthy unless you are making it at home with whole wheat flour, ghee/home made butter etc. I make them regularly for my daughter because she absolutely loves biscuits (which child doesn’t).

  6. Dear Sangeetha ,
    Good post.Even I don’t prefer giving biscuits for babies.Till now I haven’t given him biscuits. His paediatrician also suggested me “a big NO” to biscuits and opt for rusks during traveling or once on a while snacks for babies

  7. Hi

    Very informative post.

    My question is bit irrelevant but i wanna ask that if white sugar is not good for babies (below 1 year). Like if I add a little bit in sooji kheer, yogurt etc.

    • Sidra,
      You can use 1/2 tsp of “desi khaand” instead of white sugar. Desi Khaand can be found at organic stores (e.g. at Navdanya & Himjoli outlets in New Delhi).. its the most un-processed form of sugar. White sugar is bad not just for babies (teeth and sugar highs) but also for adults – its all the chemicals that are used in processing the sugar to make it white and crystallized.

  8. Sangeetha, I use a particular (Japanese) brand of marie like biscuits for kids for purpose of a small snack when on the road. He never has more than 3-4 (they are very small sized) and its a convenient empty calorie snack. It also doesn’t come in the way of his diet as we never offer it at home or as a meal. Maybe it works for us because I introduced these biscuits only once his regular meals were well established ? Or maybe I am just lucky so far.

    What do you use as convenient on-the-go snacks that your daughter enjoys ? Something dry that is meant for on-the-road ? Would love to offer Kabir alternatives to biscuits.

  9. HI Sangeetha, glad that your site is up n running. This post and information is great. At the back of my mind, I know all the facts but when you wrote it down, it’s more real. I am guilty of giving biscuits too, not everyday though..It started with Parle G glucose biscuits as a means to start eating some solids for snack time. Now she doesn’t like that and I have been trying different brands just for some snacktime meal. My son on the other hand has eaten lots but its reduced much now. The best way to control is to limit buying it!

    • Yes Reena .. We all know its bad ..but we give in sometimes .. But as parents , we should try to reduce the consumption as low as possible as you said .Happy that you find this post informative…

  10. Thanks for the update reg buiscuits. Its really informative n sometimes ped also suggests for thisdiet for babies but when ut comes to your babies i suggest mothers should get their homework done properly. Keep up the good work sangeetha:)

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