5 Medicinal Benefits of Silverware for Babies You Didn’t Know About


silverware for babies

You would have noticed in olden movies they portray the affluent family with a lot of silverwares used; especially the cutleries.

Eating in a silver plate has equal benefits of eating in a banana leaf. It can benefit both babies and adults as well.

In today’s post we will see the medicinal benefits of silverware for babies and how it can benefit them.

Medicinal Benefits of Silverware for Babies and Adults:

I have seen many parents feeding their baby in silverware. I asked my grandma whether it’s just for pride as I have noticed silverware used in temples too. She said we have the tradition to use silver as it has many medicinal benefits and easy to maintain than copper.

When a new baby arrives home for the first time, he or she is usually showered with gifts in silver. Below mentioned are the medicinal benefits of silverware for babies and adults.

  1. Bacteria free:

Silver is 100% bacteria free. Hence it’s advisable to give food and drinks for babies in silverware.

Since it is bacteria free, we don’t need to sterilize it by boiling the bowl in hot water.

Just a usual wash and a rinse in hot water is enough. It is quite easy to maintain than stainless steel utensils or baby feeding accessories.

All the medicines and home remedies for babies are supposed to give in a silver ‘paladai’ or ‘sangu’ as it has anti-bacterial properties.

  1. Boosts immunity:

It’s said when we have hot or warm food in a metal, it will melt and infuse with the food we eat. Silver being anti-bacterial helps to boost the immunity this way.

Hence silver feeding accessories for babies and kids are preferred.

  1. Non toxic:

Silverwares are non toxic in nature as it kills a wide variety of bacteria too.

  1. Retains and restores freshness of water and liquids:

In olden days, silver was used to keep water fresh. Even wines were stored in silver jars to prevent spoiling and retain freshness.

Even today many water purifiers have silver in it due to the above mentioned property.

  1. Cools down the body:

Silver has the added advantage of cooling down the body. That’s the reason most of the anklets and chains used are made out of silver.

How I Use Silverware for My Baby?

paladai or sangu for babies

Paladai or sangu for medicines

I exclusively breastfed my daughter for the first 6 months. Hence plastic feeding bottles and sippers were avoided.

Post 6 months, I started using silver glass in which I feed juices, water and milk for her. I used the large silver bowl for rice/roti and smaller bowl for soups, mashed foods and milkshake with a silver spoon.

All the medicines for her is given with the help of silver sangu or paladai as its called (shown in the picture above).

It hugely helped me as I don’t have to worry about the hastles of sterilizing baby feeding accessories.

Please note that it’s not NOT advisable to polish regularly the silverwares used to feed your baby.

Usage of plastic as baby feeding accessories is not good for babies even though it is BPA free or high grade quality material.

When you serve hot or warm food in plastic container or plate, the plastic could melt and get infused with the food you are feeding your baby. Kindly avoid plastic for your family.

Hope this article on silverware for babies was useful for you.

Share with me in comments which material of feeding accessory do you use for your child. If its plastic, kindly avoid it and replace it with silverware.

Though silver is on the expensive side, it will definitely helps us in the long run in terms of health and immunity.

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Yamuna, mommy to 2 yr old Tejaswini & 6 month old Pragalya, loves to cook, write and believes good health comes from good eating habits. Eat natural is her mantra. Watch out for her home based traditional recipes and remedies.



    I wants to use silver patela(utensil) for boiling milk can I do so and is it 100% puer silver or 70% silver and 30% coper. please guide me.

  2. Many schools nowadays use melamine plates for lunch for kids. They say it’s fine as long as it is BPA-free. How to educate them:(

  3. hi,
    i have to attend a exam for 2 hrs. i having 3 month old baby.please tell me could i use silverware to keep mothermilk?if yes is there any specific silverware in market available?help me please

  4. Hi Yamuna,

    Can we use silver feeding bottle for 2 month old baby to feed milk. Relatives are saying that using silver feeding bottle might increase cold and cough in babies. So little confused.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Kiruthika K.

  5. dear yamuna ,
    thanks for blogging on utensils used in cooking . Its important we know that along with healhty eating the utensils in contact with food also add up.
    I still cook in a iron wok which is three generations old also my tava is the old iron dosai pan.

    My father insisted on us following certain practices and it benefits us.Please donot use aluminium of any sort in cooking it causes lot of damage to our brain.
    also I avoid non stick as its best to cook in utensils made of materials that are safely ingested by us. it helps us to have a moderate amount of fats in our food.

    My children are in their early teens but still give them ragi kanji with date syrup.though i have to hear a lot of protests.

    keep it up yamuna .We need more people like you.
    best wishes

  6. hi, my parents planning to gift my son silver plate on his 1st birthday , so my concern is that can he use it daily after he grown? and can he eat non veg in silver plate?

  7. Nice article. The link for other article is not working getting an error Page not found can u pls mail me ashasannu@gmail. Com

  8. Hi guys.
    This is a good information.but one advice.some of the silver glasses and paladis sold in the market now are not original silver.It is German silver.I have direct experience because I had many silver tumblers sitting in my cupboard since 15 plus years with no use,so I took it to silver shop to sell it and to my shock they told me it is German silver .So read about German silver and found it is nickel,copper and zinc very dangerous to the body which can lead even to cirrhosis of liver.so guys please make sure whatever you guys are feeding your babies with is pure silver and it might be better if you find out what chemicals they used it yo mold these things..because none of these are handmade like in olden times

  9. Hi yamuna,it was really v.v.beneficial info DT u have shared..however I jus have a small doubt..I am using silverware fr my 7 months old baby but I jus wanted to know-how shud that be washed-is it OK to wash with a normal dish wash bar,plz do help me on this na

  10. Victoria Solomon on

    Hi yamuna my inlaws bought silver bowl and glass for their grandson my son is just 6 month old can i feed him in silver ware.

  11. Hey,

    Actually, when I spoke to my doctor about it, he mentioned how silver can react with some foods and hence should be avoided till your baby is 1 year old atleast.

    Best is to use BPA free spoons or steel spoons, if your baby has teeth.

    • yamuna balamurugan on

      hi shweta

      in ayurveda and sidha it have proof for it .
      i usually follow oldendays partice which made our grand parents long life.
      silver and copper are very good metalts used for cooking and serving in those days.
      and am very sorry BPA is not good for your baby and you.

  12. yamuna,
    good post…..i usually don’t use hot food stuffs in plastic wares…but still i have to eliminate (only three or four plastic wares i have with me) all those from my kitchen….keep going

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