5 Lessons To Learn From Aiswarya Rai About Motherhood


Aiswarya Rai

American actress Julia Roberts once quoted “ Most beautiful woman in the world: Aiswarya Rai”.

The former beauty queen, the journey from miss world to acting; being Bacchan bahu and then motherhood, Aiswarya Rai is one of the most recognized female faces in India and abroad.

Mommies out there let’s see what Aiswarya Rai can teach us about motherhood by example.

What Aiswarya Rai Teaches Us About Motherhood?

Aiswarya Rai

#1. Baby always comes first:

Aiswarya Rai didn’t make her public appearance with her daughter for a pretty long time after the delivery. Taking care of her daughter always topped her agenda.

Aiswarya has been away from movies for more than 2 years as motherhood kept her extremely busy.

#2. Tackling weight gain and controversies:

Aiswarya Rai

Ever since Aiswarya got pregnant, all the eyes were on Bacchan bahu and her weight gain. Her pregnancy weight was one of the Bollywood tele-talks too. She remained unaffected by all such news.

After the birth of Aaradhya, she was subjected to many more controversies and criticism about her post partum weight by the media. She maintained a dignified silence though her weight was being under constant scrutiny and her double chin photos doing rounds on the net.

“Motherhood is bliss and I enjoy everything each passing day feel blessed with such joys”, she was quoted saying in one of her interviews.

#3. Being comfortable in her own skin:

Aiswarya Rai Bachchan looked comfortable  in all the public appearance in spite of the weight gain.

We often complain about our post partum weight. We say that child takes up most of our time so we don’t find time for ourselves.

So ladies start taking care of yourself from today and get used to being comfortable with our own skin as well.

#4. Balancing career:

Aiswarya has not given up on her career completely.

Now that Aaradhya has reached the toddler phase, Aiswarya is all set to focus and revamp her career. According to sources she will start her acting from January 2015.

Aiswarya sets an example for moms out there; as your baby grows you can focus on your career and passion.

#5. Fitness:

Slowly and steadily we got to see the old svelte Aiswarya Rai.

She took her own sweet time to regain her shape. She was patient enough to listen to her body and baby’s needs.

Read to know Aiswarya Rai’s weight loss journey in terms of diet, fitness and beauty regimes.

So mommies, once you are ready, hit the gym, enroll for yoga, or any other forms of exercises to maintain fitness.

Moms, take your time, do not hurry for your rapid weight loss or losing that baby tummy. See yourself as to how this diva Aiswarya Rai Bachchan managed to get back in shape  without compromising on her baby and family.

These are the 5 lessons that Aiswarya Rai Bachchan taught us about motherhood by living it out. Hope it inspires you in some way or the other.

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