Aiswarya Rai’s Weight Loss Journey Which Could Inspire You



All women put on during pregnancy and trust me , though we feel happy about the increasing weight during pregnancy, we bother a lot about the same weight post baby Isn’t ? I wasn’t bothered trust me I wasn’t post baby as I dint put on so much or looked heavy post baby. But one thing bothered me a lot my tummy yes which showed up like I was 2 months pregnant even after baby. Yes all my stress , overeating , lack of sleep everything were the culprits . But somehow one day I decided I would work on it .. Balance everything out but will work on my body as health is very much important for me .


If this was my case imagine the life of an actress once motherhood steps in. Relatives, cousins , family, critics, media you name it , all would be  after that heroine who is a mom to be ; to what extend she has put on , her soon to be born baby’s gender , their name and what not ! Life of an actress is not easy if we look at that way.


Aiswarya Rai Bachchan’s weight gain post baby was talk of the town. Media had even programs to discuss why Aiswarya Rai Bachchan is not bothered to shed the baby weight and how she put the country to shame by having a double chin..  But she ducked everything that came in her way and focused on her baby , home , family and her exercises.

Needless to say she is all back flaunting her curves and looking fab and fit in the gowns and sarees 🙂

Aiswarya never focused on her career post baby and became a fully dedicated mom to Aaradhya. Her weight loss journey took time , and she was not in a hurry to lose it either 🙂


  • Breakfast comprises of brown bread toast / oats
  • Majorly boiled vegetables cutting down on the fat and still packed with nutrients
  • Brown rice and grilled fish for dinner . Brown rice is rich in fibre which helps to remain full for long while grilled fish provides the required protein and omega 3 fatty acids.
  • Starts her day with warm lemon and honey water
  • Has shorter meals throughout the day
  • 8 glasses of water per day plus fresh fruits and juices
  • Stays away from junk and fried foods


  • Aiswarya prefers yoga over workouts . She believes in the method of eating right and practicing yoga
  • Functional training along with full cardio workouts at home

No wonder Aiswarya glows at this age . Who can imagine a diva in her late thirties donning a bridal avatar in the jewellery ads? Only Aiswarya Rai could do it and her secrets to her glowy radiant skin and maintained figure are all mentioned as above.

Inspired by Aiswarya Rai’s weight loss journey ?

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