16 Fittest Moms of Bollywood


fittest moms of bollywoodToday’s post is about the 16 fittest moms of Bollywood. We have many actress moms in Bollywood who are fit and fab. Though they have personal trainers , grooming professionals and help in each and everything in life , dedication and hard work is required when it comes to their fitness regimes.

1. Hema Malini

Dream girl, Hema Malini looks so beautiful and fit even now though she is the mother of two grown up daughters.

2. Madhuri Dixit

Madhuri Dixit looks absolutely stunning in her 40s and she has maintained herself in a very good way with proper exercise , diet and fitness regimes

3. Sridevi

Stunningly beautiful Sridevi has superb figure and has maintained it very well

4. Aiswarya Rai

Though Aiswarya Rai was criticised for her post baby weight , I love the way she handled those ooh-poohs and returned back to her svelte figure within months. Power yoga and a good diet helped her to shed baby weight

5. Celina Jaitley

A mother of twin boys , Celina lost her baby weight pretty soon than other actresses.

6. Mandira Bedi

One of the luckiest celebrities who could fit into her jeans post baby birth and who lost 22 kgs within 6 months.

7. Lara Dutta

This super mom is back in action post her baby . She still has that glow and charm though she shed oodles of weight post baby.

8. Tara Sharma

Mother of two boys , Tara is back to her pre pregnancy shape and is a mommy host and anchor now.

9. Juhi Chawla

Juhi Chawla looks goregeous and fit even now .

10. Shilpa Shetty

Super curvaceous Shilpa , lost her baby weight with yoga and a proper balanced diet.

11. Chitrangada Singh

Chitrangada has maintained her very well . She watches what she eats and exercises regularly to keep fit

12. Amrita Arora

Mom of two boys , Amrita looks fab and stylish post her baby

13. Malaika Arora Khan

This hot mom is known for her fitness and eating right.

14. Kajol

Kajol too like Aiswarya took her own time to lose the baby weight , but is stunningly beautiful and fit mom

15. Raveena Tandon

Awesome and gorgeous mom , Raveena maintains herself very well .

16. Karishma Kapoor

Karishma Kapoor is a fit celebrity mom and looks beautiful .


17. Susmita Sen

Absolutely stunning , Susmita Sen is a diva and a super mom of two angels.

Who is your favorite fittest mom in Bollywood . Why ? Please do share with me in comments.

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