How Mandira Bedi Lost 22 Kgs Post Baby ?


mandira bedi weight loss

Do you remember the TV serial ” Shanti ” ? I clearly remember the strong female protagonist “Shanti” played by a lean, beautiful, brave young Mandira Bedi with her trademark “eyeliner bindis”. I was in my school at that time year 1994. Time flew and saw the transition of that salwar clad Mandira bedi to a strapless and backless blouse and saree clad Mandira at Cricket after matches,  talks, meets etc. Such a transformation !!

Today she is a successful anchor and a celebrity svelte and fit mom. This post is regarding her fitness tips , diet , exercise regimes and how Mandira Bedi lost 22 kgs post baby.

how mandira bedi lost 22 kgs

Mandira gave birth to her son Vir via a C-section and reached 54 kgs within 6 months.  She was one of the moms who could fit into her 26 inch waist sized jeans post delivery like Tara Sharma. Mandira has launched her cloth-line too in September’13.

Unlike celebrities we don’t have personal caretakers, maids, hairdressers, trainers or dietitians. But still we can try to inculcate 1 or 2 good habits from their life into ours. Lets take a look at her diet , exercise and fitness routines.


  • Started light walks from the 41st day post baby


  1. She is an eggeterian and believes in eating at regular intervals through out the day
  2. Doesn’t eat sweets as she believes it easily makes one put on weight
  3. Eats a low carb , high protein diet
  • Breakfast –  fruits , milk , porridge , egg white omelette of 3 eggs
  •  Protein shakes
  • Lunch – Roti , dal , sprouts and vegetable salads
  • Evening snack – corn , soya , sprouts
  • Night – same as lunch


  • Works out in the gym 5 days a week balancing exercises for all body parts
  • Runs for an hour / cycling everyday

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