How to Clean Baby’s Ears ?


how to clean baby's ears?

How to clean baby’s ears ? Cleaning baby’s ears is not an uphill task , but has to be done with utmost care and attention. In olden days I have heard as my Amma told, castor oil was poured into newborn’s ears to clear the ear duct out of ear wax. Scary isnt ?

When Anshika was born, I clearly remember an aunty asking me to pour castor oil as mentioned above. I said a big NO , no matter what !! She even convinced my Amma that I had it done when I was a baby. Castor oil in my eyes and ears , Gawwd .. But I determined NOT to go ahead with any of those oiling methods , but read a a lot and sought advises of pediatricians and doctors in this aspect.

As per peds, no oil should be poured inside a baby unless and until its prescribed by a doctor. Ears have the ability to dump off the ear wax or any sort of dirt accumulated within the duct and this process usually takes place when we sleep. So there is no need of manually pulling out earwax or pouring oil to dissolve the ear wax !

If your baby is suffering from ear ache then consult an ENT specialist or ped rather trying anything at home . Eardrum is very delicate and we SHOULDN’T do anything to harm it in any way for our baby.

Ear wax also called as cerumen helps to keep the germs and foreign particles away from the ears thereby protecting the ear canal. Human body has its capability of pushing out the dried earwax on its own. So please refrain from inserting anything like Q tip or swab or oil into baby’s ear canal. It can damage baby’s hearing.

As in adults , the outer lobes of baby’s ears are prone to accumulating dust, oil and dirt. These steps will help you to clean baby’s ears safely.

How to clean baby’s ears? 

1. Take a sterilized cotton bud/ Q tip and dip it in coconut oil or warm water

2. Gently wipe off the dirt from the outer/ external lobe of the ear


  • No pouring water or oil into the ears please
  • No sticking the ear bud into the ear drum or inner lobe
  • Just external cleaning of the earlobe is necessary after every bath or once a week.

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