Why Synthetic Clothing is a Big NO for Babies? 


Babies are dressed in different soft and fancy fabrics from the day they are born. While many of the baby fabrics seem super soft and cute, the side effects they pose are different from their actual appearance. Although they look good and comfortable, the harmful effects of these synthetic fabrics range from rashes and bad odor to serious skin ailments.

Let’s dig deeper into this topic today and understand why synthetic clothes are a big NO for babies. 

side effects of syntheic clothes for kids

Synthetic fabrics and their effects

Synthetic fabrics are long-lasting, shrink resistant, and easy to maintain. But they also have negative impacts on your babies and your health.  Synthetic fabrics like nylon, rayon, acrylic, and polyester are made and treated with various harmful chemicals.

How are they harmful?

Different chemicals like formaldehyde, chemical dyes, benzene, heavy metals, etc are used while making synthetic fabrics. Let us see the side effects of these chemicals on our health.

  • Wrinkle-free clothes are made of thermoplastic and formaldehyde which may cause difficulty in breathing. Perfluorochemicals used in these wrinkle-free fabrics may also damage the liver, kidney, and reproductive organs. 
  • Rayon, a semi-synthetic fiber, is made from wood pulp which is treated with caustic soda and sulphuric acid which are harmful to skin and may cause allergies.
  • Polyester is often treated with formaldehyde which may cause allergy and irritation to the skin. Formaldehyde which is a class-3 carcinogen (cancer agent) may also cause asthma.  Most of the polyesters are also treated with antimony which is also a carcinogen and causes damage to the lungs, liver, heart, and skin.
  • Apart from these chemicals, there are many heavy metals like lead, cadmium, mercury, and antimony that are used in dyes and bleaches which may interfere with the development of the babies and children. In severe usage, it may also cause diseases like asthma and cancer. 
  • Synthetic clothing can also sometimes flare up skin conditions like eczema. 

I am sure no parents would like to gift these harmful impacts in form of synthetic fabrics to the babies. 

What’s the alternative?

Against the harmful effects of synthetic fabrics, natural fabrics are safe and cause no harm to your babies and children. If you feel natural fabrics are costly, I don’t agree. There are many affordable options available if you want to purchase natural fabrics for your kids and babies. Here is a recommendation- Nino Bambino. Once you explore the online store, you would realize the costly natural fabric is just a false belief. 

In today’s times, when you can’t rely on every organic store in the market, you can be assured of GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standards) certified cotton products when you are shopping with Nino Bambino. Explore more about the store here.

Why invite the hazards of synthetic clothes when nature is too close to us and wants to give us a comfy hug in form of organic clothes? I say a big NO to synthetic clothes for my child, what about you? Don’t forget to share your thoughts on synthetic and organic clothing for kids.


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