When Morning Sickness Start During Pregnancy | Do’s and Dont’s


When morning sickness start during pregnancy“From now , you will start feeling weak , have mood swings and worse! Vomiting and nausea , known as morning sickness for the first three months” . My gyno told me when I went for my checkup in the second month of pregnancy. I replied ” No doc, I am perfecly fine, can eat everything and is happy all the time ” . Gyno smiled and told ” Wow that’s good, be healthy and don’t forget to take foilc acid supplements daily”.

Uhh.. Right after that day , I started vomiting, ON AND ON !!. The moment I wake up, I get that metallic taste in my mouth, I rush to the washroom and start vomiting !! And then during brushing , while having breakfast, while bathing , while sleeping , while travelling ..You name the scene and I would be vomiting! 😛

Eventually the ‘washroom’ became my favourite ‘room’ and the ‘toilet commode’, my ‘companion’!!Strange! This sickness is termed as ‘ Morning sickness ‘ , though the effects remain throughout the day and evening 😛

Morning sickness is mainly due to the increased hormone levels,Estrogen and Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (hCG). In simpler words, when hormones in your body start playing harmonium!! 😛

My vomiting and nausea continued till the fifth month of my pregnancy. During the third month, my mom came and stayed with me and she gave me tips on how to tackle this sickness !! Those are mentioned below:

1. Never have your tummy empty : No matter how much and how many times you vomit , make sure you intake something ,even juices will do. Eat what you like to have. As my manager says ‘ You eat 100%, you vomit 80%, but still that 20% is there inside na?’.

2. Ginger , your best friend : Always make sure you have ginger biscuits/ lemon/ other light biscuits by your bedside. The moment you wakeup, try munching biscuits in the laid position , w/o getting up. After sometime, you can get up and relax.

3. Cut out the smell you find unbearable by sniffing a lemon/ lemongrass. Try to avoid foods which makes you uncomfortable . I stopped entering kitchen as certain smells like boling rice , potato etc made me puke.

4. Have enough water/juices/fruis to hydrate yourself

5. Have crushed ginger-lemon mixture if you feel acidic

6. Avoid greasy or fried foods that lead to indigestion

7.The most important tip : This tip is given by my doctor. He says ” 20% you have morning sickness, rest 80% is your contribution ! Your mind keeps telling you , if you don’t take meds, you will vomit, so psychologically your mind is predetermined and you vomit. So get that off from your mind and stay cool and easy ”

8. If you are working and needs to travel as part of your everyday routine , make sure you consult your gyno for meds that will help you to get relief.

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