4 Valentine’s Day Crafts for Kids to Spread the Love


Time for some valentine’s day crafts for kids!

February is here, yes, that month which is lauded as the month of love..

It is all thanks to the much celebrated Valentine’s day!

What I personally like about this day are the way the shops and restaurants are decorated. There are beautiful hearts everywhere.

There are balloons and cut-outs in the shape of hearts, and yes, lots of reds and pinks everywhere.

It makes you believe that love is in the air around us..

Since we are talking about balloons – do you know anyone who love those? KIDS!!

Kids love balloons any ways and my little one even recognizes the heart shaped balloons. She absolutely loves the red heart shaped balloons.

valentine's day crafts for kids - intro

Valentine’s day crafts for kids to spread the love

This Valentine’s day I wanted to introduce my daughter to some heart shaped valentine’s day crafts for kids which are fun and easy to do. Perfect time to do that since she is definitely going to spot a lot of heart shaped stuff around in malls and shops etc.

#1. A cute little butterfly hairband

Being a mother to a 4-year-old daughter, the most important accessory in my daughter’s vanity kit is her hairband (hairbands actually). She just can’t get enough of them! From hairbands in colors that match her outfits to ones that have pictures of her favorite character – she has it all.

To keep her interest alive and to keep her involvement at the max, I started with this DIY butterfly attachment for her hairband.

Before you wonder why I chose to go for a butterfly, let me tell you, it is made of little hearts!

Materials required:

  • Felt fabric
  • Needle n thread (alternatively you can use glue also)
  • A small golden string to tie the butterfly to the hairband


As shown in the picture below, cut two small heart shapes from the felt fabric.

heart for butterfly

Join it like shown, to form a butterfly like pattern. I have sewn the edge to make this pattern.

stitch butterfly wings

Use a golden thread to tie this to an old hairband. You have just given a makeover to an old hairband in less than 5 minutes.

butterfly hairband

So yes, it is an upcycle craft too! This is an easy way of getting kids interested in hair accessories they have lost interest in.

butterfly hairband final

#2. Butterfly Wand

This one is for my daughter who just can’t get over the princesses and their wands. Again I did not go for a plain heart. Why go for a plain old heart when you can create a butterfly with 2?

So do you have a princess at home, who needs a wand? Then this wand is a must have.

The procedure is very similar to the earlier one.

Materials required:

  • A pink card sheet
  • Golden glitter sheet
  • 1 popsicle stick
  • 2 golden bands


Cut out two hearts conjoined at the centre like shown.

heart wings for butterfly wand

Stick a popsicle in the middle to form a butterfly like pattern.

popsicle stick on wings

Decorate the butterfly with golden hearts in the middle and the golden strips to form the antenna.

stick antennas

Your simple and quick butterfly wand is ready. Your little one is absolutely going to love her own little wand. You could even personalize this with her name on it.

butterfly wand

See, a not so obvious Valentine’s Day craft with the heart hiding in plain sight!

#3. Photo Frame

This quick heart shaped Photo frame was my idea for this year’s Valentine’s Day gift for my hubby dear.

However, we ended up with my little one’s picture who is our valentine for life.

Materials required:

  • Card paper or foam sheet pink color / red color
  • Some decorative adhesives.
  • Glue stick
  • Photo print


I have used a notebook cover to form the base of the frame.

Cut out a cardboard in the shape of heart and a card paper also in shape of heart.

hearts for photoframe

Cut out the photograph that you intend to use and paste in on the cardboard as shown. Ensure that it is cut in the shape that fits in the frame properly. Circular is recommended.

glue photo in photoframe

Cut out the card sheet (pink or red colour) into heart shape so that it sticks onto the previously cut card board perfectly.

Make a circular frame within this card paper heart so that photo is clearly visible when you stick this on.

Glue this to the base adjusting the photograph.

photoframe for valentines day

Your quick and simple heart shaped frame is ready. You can laminate this so that it doesn’t spoil in the long run.

It can be kept on your bedside or at your office desk.

You could also make a family tree of hearts with the photographs of all your family members. The pleasure of doing it on your own surpasses any store bought gift items J

#4. Greeting card

How can this day be celebrated without the customary card? I saved this for the last because this is something that is definitely going to be done by you with your little one watching.

This one is a pop up heart card. My little one loved this whole idea of a heart popping up when she opened the card. It was more of a play thing for her than a card!

Materials required:

  • Card papers
  • Glue stick
  • Some adhesive stick ons to decorate your card


The pictures are pretty self explanatory. But don’t worry, I will walk you through each step. In fact, I have attached a small video to show you how the finished product looks like.

The outer sheet is pink in colour and the inner sheet is red in colour as shown in the picture. Both the sheets are cut into heart shapes such that the inner sheet (red) is slightly smaller than the outer one.

two coloured charts for v day card

In the inner sheet, cut out a small heart carefully as shown so that you don’t completely cut the heart out and leave approximately 1 cm at the edges.

cut inner heart

Fold the inner sheet into half such that the smaller heart pops out.

cut heart

Stick the inner sheet only at the edges on the out pink heart sheet.

stick heart

Fold this into half such that inner small heart pops out each time you open the card your cute little heart popup card is ready.

popup heart card

I have decorated it with a golden foam sheet.

pop up card

What is your plan for Valentine’s Day?

So momma’s what are you planning to make with your little one?

Hope you have liked these simple heart shaped crafts that go beyond this valentine’s day. Your child has learnt some simple easy DIYs and will remember this whenever they spot a heart shaped object around them. Do you have any Valentine’s day crafts for kids that you would like to share with us?

Feel free to flaunt your & your little one’s creations in the comments below!


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