Launching Nature’s Dew Wild Turmeric Powder in Bumps n Baby Store


All set to face the summer and its harshness?

Acne, pimple marks, and pimples troubling you?

Want to have that magic wand that will give that dewy finished glow to your skin?

To help you find the solution to all your skin problems, we are bringing to your doorsteps, through the bumps n baby online store, the traditional beauty product that has been tried, tested and passed from generation to generation.

When we decided to add one more product to our successful Nature’s Dew Skin care range, we were determined that it should be an all-in-one solution to our customers’ skin problems. We didn’t have a doubt what it will be, because this product is familiar to you all.

Here we are proudly launching the new product in our skin care range – Nature’s Dew Wild Turmeric Powder 100% natural and unadulterated.

Kasthuri Manjal, amba haldi, jungli haldi or Wild Turmeric is the all-in-one solution to many of the common skin problems that we face. Wild turmeric has strong anti bacterial, anti septic, medicinal and cleansing properties that makes it the unavoidable wonder rhizome in cosmetic and beauty care industry. It is a must have ingredient in many Indian home remedies that treat skin related problems plus it is suitable for all skin types.

Right from deep cleansing the skin to an exfoliator, removing skin tan, removing wrinkles around the eyes, fading acne scars, treating pimple marks to giving that flawless radiant skin, this wild turmeric powder is all you need if you are looking for an all-in-one beauty product this season!

Plus it doesn’t stain your face, sink or clothes unlike the other turmeric varieties.

How can you use nature’s dew wild turmeric?

 Well there are n numbers of benefits and ways it can be used. But if you ask me, I can point out these major benefits of this yellow gold powder as,

  • Everyday face wash
  • As an anti-acne face pack
  • Face mask for radiant skin
  • Anti ageing, anti pigmentation and anti wrinkle formula
  • Scrub and detoxifier

You can use it daily to see the visible results in a week – skin turns flawless.

  • Oily skin: Mix 1 tbsp of Nature’s Dew wild turmeric powder with 1 ½ tbsp. rose water to form a thick paste
  • Dry skin: Mix 1 tbsp of Nature’s Dew wild turmeric powder with 1 tbsp of honey, rose water or milk
  • Sensitive skin: Mix 1 tbsp of Nature’s Dew wild turmeric powder with 1 tbsp of curd
  • Combination skin: Use plain water, rose water or honey to make a paste of Nature’s Dew Wild Turmeric powder.

Why Nature’s Dew Wild Turmeric Powder?

Wild turmeric powder is available in market, but most of the time it is adulterated and causes adverse reactions.

The only way to ensure 100% natural kasthuri manjal powder is to buy the turmeric, sundry it and powder it at home itself. Now who has the time for all these?

This is when you can turn to us and go for our 100% natural turmeric powder that is homemade hygienically and traditionally.

Nature’s Dew Wild Turmeric Powder is pretty close to my heart, as I have sourced it from my medicinal garden back home in Kerala and I guarantee 100% unadulterated natural Wild Turmeric powder.

 NO ADULTERATION & 100% NATURAL – that’s what we have to offer for you.

 How do you buy Nature’s Dew Wild Turmeric Powder?


Use this link to place your order now:

The actual price of 100 gm Nature’s Dew Wild Turmeric Powder is Rs. 125/-. But here is the 24 hour launch offer exclusively for you – grab this wonder golden powder for just Rs.99/-.

 What are you waiting for?

Grab your order now:

Happy Summers and Happy Healthy Skin!


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    My baby is 2 years old. She is normal colour but not fair. Can I use wild turmeric to her. If so how to use it. Pls reply me madam.

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