Thrush in Babies, Symptoms and Cure


thrush in babies

In today’s post, I would like to talk about thrush in babies.

Like all new moms, post my delivery, the only thing I did was feeding my sweet little bundle of joy, gently stroking her hair looking at her cute eyes, nose, cheeks, little toes and fingers. It was then I noticed white patch/spots on my baby’s tongue which looked like paneer, thick curd or cottage cheese.

I thought it could be the milk residue as my baby is breastfed. The presence of that white patch had no visible effects on my baby, no pain or soreness. But its appearance made me scared and I decided to visit the pediatrician.

She told that the white patch could be thrush/yeast infection, caused by the fungus Candida albicans.

Appearance of thrush in babies:

Thrush or the white patches can be seen

• Inside the cheeks

• On the roof of the mouth

• On the tongue

• On the gums

• Commonly found in babies of two months and younger, but could appear in older babies as well.

Causes of thrush in babies:

In babies thrush can be due to,

• Overgrowth of yeast in baby’s mouth triggered by the hormonal changes after birth

• Reduced level of healthy bacteria allowing Candida to spread , if the baby is on antibiotics .

As a mom you can pass Candida to your baby ,

• Through your birth canal during labor

• If you are taking antibiotics post the birth of baby. These antibiotics kill off the good bacteria that keeps yeast in check

• If you are breastfeeding while having thrush

How to confirm the white patch is thrush or not?

With a clean finger, gently rub on the patch area. If it comes off easily, it’s not thrush but the residue of milk fed. If it doesn’t then its thrush in babies. Thrush can also pass through a baby’s digestive system to its bottom causing nappy rash. It might be sore with red spots.

You may consult your pediatrician if you see white patches and she/he would prescribe an oral antifungal treatment which can be applied on to the infected area with a cleaned finger. Always wash your fingers before and after treating the baby to avoid infection.

Further reading:

How can we prevent thrush in babies or infants?

• Sterilize thoroughly the pacifiers, bottles, feeding equipments and teethers used by the baby

• Use hot water option at 60 degree celsius for washing baby’s clothes as it will kill the fungus

• Be sure to wash your nipples thoroughly with water and let it dry completely between feeds.

My baby was given ‘candid mouth paint’ which I apply once a day on her tongue with a clean finger.

I can see her making funny faces every time it is applied. Voila! Her white patches are getting removed off and I can see her healthy pink tongue whenever she gives me her ‘all gums ‘ grin and coos  🙂 !!

How did you keep thrush in babies at bay ? Do share in comments!

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  1. My babys had thrush since he wss 6 weeks. Anything sweet now triggers it and he is 6 months old. Iv got him probiotics.. grapefruit seed extract diluted in water rub on inner cheeks nd acidiphilos probiotic. It helps n removes it but thn soon as he hs something sweet it turns up again. I dont know what to do no more. Docs wont do anything.

  2. Thanks so much for your post. My baby has been having a congested and wheezing chest and now am more enlightened on the appropriate home remedies. I trust she will be OK.


  3. My child is 22 months old and he is not eating properly from last 10 days and I m upset I saw his tongue. He has white patches. Please help

  4. hi sangeetha… i want to know about candid mount paint… shall i apply that to my 9 month old baby? she has little amount of whitey on her tongue… what is exactly that applied one contains? dont we have any home remedies for that white patch?
    RPLY pls

  5. Hi my baby has tongue tie… ths is wat my pead told me….n the only solution is to get it operated…..ny suggesttions

    • Hi Mansi,
      A tongue tied baby must be operated upon before ccompleting 5 yrs age. My family has history of tongue tied kids.

  6. Dear Sangeetha,

    Thank u soo much for this post. I found it at the right time. my daughter was not eating properly for the past 2 days and she was constantly showing me the tongue by touching with her finger while feeding. I thought it might be because of hot food.
    but now i could see some similar symptoms you mentioned. Also some bubbles are developed in her legs as well and she s itching.
    Is there any home remedies to cure this??

    Will also check with my ped today .

    thank u

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