How My Baby Got Cured of Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease ?


Hand, foot and mouth disease

Yes. My baby had Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease and she has recovered now. Through this post I want all moms to know the cause , preventive measures and medications required for immediate recovery

  • What is Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease ?

Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease also known as HFMD is caused by virus named coxsackie virus A16. It is an airborne disease.

  • What are the symptoms of HFMD ?

Blisters or rashes all over the body especially on feet ,palms,  legs , even mouth accompanied by mild fever , irritation are all symptoms of HFMD. Babies or kids may or might not take food and water. Itching and pain would also be there. The blisters are similar to the measles or chicken pox rashes .

  • How does HFMD spread ?

It can be spread through close contact with toys and stools , kissing and sharing cups, utensils or bottles used by the baby/ kid

  • What are the foods I can give at this time ?

Babies and kids should be given loads of fluids and water. Older kids should be given buttermilk, cooled milk or enough water to keep them well hydrated. Ulcers could be inside the mouth of infants or kids , so even drinking water could be difficult for them

  • How long would it take to get cured ?

HFMD is not a serious disease , it gets cured within one week , although the rashes or blisters would start disappearing after 2 weeks or so

  • When should I take my baby / kid to doctor then?

Take to your doc immediately . Doctor would prescribe medicines for lowering fever as well as for the rashes .

  • What are the preventive measures I can take to protect baby from HFMD ?

Washing  hands regularly with soap and water, chlorination of water , sterilising utensils and toys used by kids are the measures to avoid this infectious disease.

My Experience : I was shocked to see severe rashes or blisters on Anshika’s body one fine day . The blisters spread to her bums, feet, palms, back and even her hands. She had itching and mild fever. Fortunately she didn’t  get any blisters in her mouth, so was fed well and hydrated with cooled boiled water and milk.

She was given calamine lotion for her rashes by her doc. She recovered from fever within 2 days , now rashes have started healing.

Have you heard of HFMD ? Do share with us.


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  1. Hey Sangeetha ,even my kid had it one month back..thank god it got over..there were few rashes in her legs and hands but I think it was inside her mouth too asshe refused to eat anything..only BM..i offered her cold food as hot food irritates the boils in mouth..and also doc prescribed prugal lotion..healed in two weeks but lost weight..i am actually worked about her weight..she is one year old and weighs 8.2 kilo..bcoz of this disease, she couldn't reach her ideal 9 kilo weight by her bthdy..Is anshika gaining well?



    • Hi latha,

      Glad that your baby has recovered, its worse for a baby to have blisters inside the mouth..weight loss is natural when a baby has fever, low intake of food or worm infection. You should provide high caloric food now to much up her weight. Here Anshika took food during HFMD , so her weight is proper. Do let me know if you have any other doubts or any posts you would like me to feature here..

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