Homemade Sugar Free Teething Biscuit Recipe for Babies


Teething starts at about 6 months of age in most of the babies, though symptoms will start before 2-3 months of teething. It is quite easy to tell when your baby starts teething as he/she will show different signs of teething. One of the distinguished signs of teething is the constant urge to chew things. Teething biscuits are a good option at this stage to provide relief for babies. Today, let us look into a healthy teething biscuit recipe for babies.

teething biscuit recipe for babiesBefore going into the recipe, let us understand the different teething symptoms in babies.

What are teething symptoms?

Teething causes jaw and gum discomfort as the little tooth prepares to erupt through the gum surface. There are many symptoms babies show during teething which are mostly understood by the elders just as the white pearly tooth starts appearing.

  • Fussiness
  • Sleeplessness due to gum discomfort
  • Irritability
  • Drooling more than usual
  • Ear pulling/ cheek rubbing due to pain 
  • Refusal to take the food due to sore gums
  • More gnawing and chewing things than usual

Providing comfort and soothing your baby helps him or her to grow through this milestone smoothly. 

Soothing a Teething Baby

It is difficult to assume what your little one is suffering from while teething. He/ she may have sore gums when the teething occurs. Babies keep rubbing their gums with their fingers for a soothing effect. Teethers are also used to comfort and soothe teething babies. Most of the teethers are made of plastic. Additionally, not all that are marketed with the “safe” labels are safe. 

Hence the best thing you can use to offer relief to your teething baby is a teething biscuit. Don’t know what is it? Let’s have a look. 

What is a teething biscuit?

Teething biscuits are biscuits that do not crack or break, but they dissolve as the baby gums them. Offering teething biscuit is a safe and effective way to deal with a teething baby. Apart from providing comfort, these biscuits also provide strength to their jaws and train them for solid foods. Prefer low sugar home-made biscuits for many reasons including their goodness for teeth. 

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Why homemade teething biscuits for babies?

Although the biscuits available in the market are labeled as healthy and safe, there are many reasons why you should avoid store-bought biscuits and start giving homemade teething biscuits.

  • Store-bought biscuits are made using maida which is difficult to digest and not recommended for babies
  • Packaged teething biscuits contain trans-fat
  • They contain no nutrition except calories due to high sugar
  • Additives and preservatives added in packaged biscuits are bad for kids
  • They may trigger allergic reactions in babies

Hence, it is good to prefer home-made low sugar biscuits as they are good for babies. 

Things to remember before starting teething biscuits for babies

Before starting teething biscuits for babies, parents must remember a few important points. 

  • Ensure that your baby has started solid foods.
  • Adapt your baby to the texture of solid food before giving him or her a teething biscuit.
  • Make sure that your baby can sit upright with or without the support and also can hold the finger food herself.

Apart from these, see that your baby has almost doubled her/ his weight and can show when he/she is full by refusing food.

If your baby is meeting up all these criteria, he or she is all ready to be munching on teething biscuits.

Although, there are many recipes for teethings, let’s have a look at a healthy and tasty teething biscuit recipe for babies today.

Homemade Teething Biscuit Recipe for Babies

This recipe of teething biscuits using oats and wheat is healthy and power-packed. Oats and wheat biscuits have many benefits like,

  • It provides the energy which is required by babies for their growth and different activities.
  • Wheat is easy to digest. Thus it keeps the intestine in good health and reduces the occurrence of gas.

Recipe for teething biscuit

Here is the simple wheat teething biscuits recipe for babies. 


  • Oats-1 cup
  • Wheat Flour – 1/2 cup
  • Ghee – 1/4 cup
  • Milk – 1 to 2 teaspoons
  • Water – as per requirement (about ½ cup)


  • Preheat oven to 180 degrees Celsius.
  • Take oats, flour, and milk in a bowl. Mix well. 
  • Add ghee. Ghee should be added in the given quantity. Check by holding the flour in the fist. If the flour holds the shape, the ghee added is adequate quantity. If not, add some more ghee.
  • Now add water to this and prepare a dough.
  • Using a rolling pin, flatten the dough to about 6 mm (1/4’’) thickness.
  • Cut into strips
  • Hold them carefully and place them on a foil-lined baking sheet.
  • Bake the biscuits for about 12-15 minutes till golden brown. They might be soft when hot, but harden as they cool down.
  • Let them cool completely. You can store the biscuits in an air-tight container for a week.

The shape of the teething biscuit needs to be thick and long. This allows the baby to hold the biscuit and chew it properly. These healthy teething biscuits can be enjoyed not only by your babies, but you too can munch on these. 

Note: This recipe is not recommended for babies with gluten and dairy allergy.

Safety When Eating Teething Biscuits

Usually, teething biscuits can be started by the age of 7-9 months of age. By this age, babies start to eat solid foods. Although babies are practiced to eat solid foods by now, they should be supervised whenever given solid foods to avoid choking risks. 

Also, make sure that baby is sitting upright and can hold the teething biscuit and feed herself/ himself.

Apart from these, see that your baby’s oral health is maintained. For that, maintain hygiene and clean the mouth after each use of teething biscuit. 

Don’t forget to comment on how your baby liked the recipe and what other teething biscuit recipes for babies do you use for your baby.


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