7 Things to Keep in Mind while Choosing Clothes for your Kids


Yay! It’s the festive season. We have started to come to terms with the pandemic and celebrations are in the air now! With the festivities, it is time to shop. Around these times, the most important and difficult task is shopping for kids 😊. So here I am! To help you with choosing the clothes for your kids.

In today’s article, we shall discuss the things to keep in mind while choosing clothes for your kids.  

7 Things to Keep in Mind while Choosing Clothes for your Kids

choosing clothes for kids

Here are the points to keep in mind while selecting clothes for kids.

#1. Choice of fabric

Comfort is the key. Choose the fabric which is comfortable and skin-friendly. Go for organic fabrics that are softer to the skin and free from any harmful chemicals. Kids’ skin is very sensitive and prone to irritation by any harsh exposure. Choose cotton clothes that are skin-friendly and light to wear.

At Nino Bambino, you get varieties of comfortable and skin-friendly kids’ organic clothing. Organic clothes are also best for kids with skin rashes, eczema, and itchiness. Organic clothes being breathable and skin-friendly are the best choice of fabric when buying clothes for kids.

Also, consider removing the factory tags while wearing as they might cause irritation and rashes on the skin. 

#2. Prefer simple clothes

How we wish to dress up our kids in all those fancy dresses with frills, ribbons, colorful stones, and all. However, the fancy clothing might be irritating for your kids. They are not comfortable, moreover, might result in rashes too. So select the clothes which are simple in design and can be worn comfortably by your kid. Prefer classic patterns and designs that are trendy and elegant.

#3. Keep the weather in Mind

Look for season-specific clothing when you buy clothes for your kids. Like, choose full sleeve and full body covering clothes like a jacket for winter, while light and bright colored clothes for summer. At Nino Bambino, there are a variety of seasonal clothes.

#4. Be size specific

Be size specific while buying the clothes for the kids. Use the size charts and guide to buy the clothes which might fit your kid exactly. If you are buying the clothes now for the future season or occasion, it is better to go for a size bigger than the present one. Ill-fitting clothing is as uncomfortable as ill-fitting footwear.

#5. Buy easy to wear clothes

Kids need help in dressing up. Hence, go for easy to wear dressing which is easy to wear and take off. Preferable, you should avoid kidswear that is to be worn over the head. Choose the clothing which has front button or zip, or stretchable/ elastic dresses which are easy for them to get on and off.  Keeping in mind the frequent diaper changes, onesies, full open bodysuits, or pants are best for babies. Prefer shoulder button types for newborns for the ease of wearing and removing. 

#6. Safety comes first

Safety comes first when it comes to kids’ clothing. Kids’ clothes have many decorative things like, hooks, buttons, stones, flowers, bows, etc which might cause choking and pose strangulation risks to the kids. Avoid buying clothes with these kinds of features and consider safety as the essential criteria while choosing clothes for kids.

nino Bambino kids clothing#7. Avoid over- shopping

Looking at the clothes of kids, we keep filling the kids’ closet with too many clothes which might turn out smaller for the kids in a few months. To avoid this, buy only those which are essential and on your list. I know it is not an easy task, but sometimes we have to choose the difficult option 😉

Keep these points and Nino Bambino in mind, it will feel like kids’ shopping was never this easy!


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