How Tara Sharma Got Back in Shape Within 2 Weeks of Baby?


tara sharma got back in shape

Tara Sharma Saluja is one of those actresses who was blessed to be back into her pre pregnancy jeans within 2 hours of labor. Hey I could see your eyes pop up and jaw dropped 😛 .Yes it’s so true. In this post we will see how Tara Sharma got back in shape within 2 week’s time.

The ‘saaya’ actress is a mom to two cute, adorable kids –  Zen and Kai.  She hosts The Tara Sharma Show . Now have a look at this mommy and tell me does she look like a mom of two ? With a superb glowy face, slender toned figure and long straight hair she is quite a mommylicious diva.

Though we think that the secrets behind Tara Sharma’s fitness are owed to ‘genes’, I can tell you it’s the dedication and hard work she has put into maintain herself while taking care of her family and professional life.

How To Be Fit Like Tara Sharma?

Tara Sharma had piled upon 8 -12 kgs during pregnancy .

During her pregnancy which she calls as ‘size zero’ pregnancy, she had practiced light yoga asanas which don’t put stress to her pregnancy bump.

Even on the day of labor she took her usual walks and started walking in the hospital room within 2 hours of baby birth.

Exercise is a form of meditation to her and follows it religiously.


  • Tara Sharma is a dedicated fitness freak as she calls herself.
  • According to her the exercises she had been doing for a long time has helped her to boost her metabolism levels.
  • She had been practicing yoga for 6 years
  • Practices Yoga 3 times a week
  • Runs every morning and has been active in all marathon events


Tara believes in healthy balanced meals and always opts for whole grains over processed foods.

  • After workouts – milk shake
  • Breakfast – coffee and fruits
  • Lunch – Dal and Sabji
  • Dinner – Boiled beans , roasted meat and vegetables


  • Uses a mild cleanser like Clarins or Cetaphil for her face followed by moisturizing creams
  • Uses loreal products for her hair and washes her hair every day to avoid accumulation of dirt in the scalp

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