MyBabyCart – For the Mom and the Mompreneur in You


Are you a mom looking for baby products that are unique and perfect for your kids?

Are you a mompreneur looking for a perfect platform to boost your business?

Introducing to you MyBabyCart, an online destination to satisfy the buyer in you and help the mompreneur in you if you are one.


What is MyBabyCart?

MyBabyCart is an online shopping site that has a good supply all the baby essentials that you need.

From cloths to baby gears, toys, diapers, feeding essentials and much more MyBabyCart offers a wide range of products just for you and your baby. As in any online shop you can order your baby stuff online and get it delivered at your doorstep.

And if you are a mompreneur with creativity and talent to make the best for babies, then MBC is the right place for you. Through MBC you can exhibit your products, sell it and earn money.

The story of MyBabyCart:

When Mridula Arora became a mother she couldn’t find enough of those special little things and essentials for her baby.

Understanding that there is a for demand baby stuffs, she started MyBabyCart in 2011 to cater to the needs of moms and babies.

At the beginning MBC was as any other online shopping store, but soon Mridula realized that there are n number of stores that sell baby stuffs and if she wants to thrive MBC should be unique and different.

Being a mother it didn’t take much time for her to understand that the immense creativity that other moms have can be converted into great business.  So she evolved her website as a platform where momprenuers can exhibit and sell their products.

Thus what budded as a normal e-commerce site has now bloomed into a hub for the talented momprenuers to expand their business and an excellent online store for the buyers who look for unique and quality products.

What makes MyBabyCart unique for buyers?

MyBabyCart is an online store but what makes it unique is that the products at MBC are handpicked or hand-made by moms whom we proudly categories as momprenuers.

The baby essentials you order from MBC are guaranteed to meet your requirements as they as exclusively selected or made by moms who have first hand experience and knowledge about what a mom needs for her kids.

As each and every product is a thought, dedication and hard work of a mom just like you, you don’t have to worry about the quality of the product.

MBC’s keen eye for merchandise ensures that customers get great products.  MBC doesn’t believe in having 1 Lakh products but have a few curated products on the website.

Apart from products from momprenuers you can also find branded products like fisher price, chicco etc on MBC.

What is in there at MyBabyCart for the mompreneur in you?

MBC is an excellent online platform for momprenuers who have immense creativity and talent and are looking for opportunities or outlets to exhibit their products and sell them.

If you are capable of making quality baby care products then MBC helps you to improve your business by providing complete infrastructure to sell your products online and helps you to reach out to online customers.

At present there are nearly two hundred mompreneurs who promote their products through MBC. The products by these momprenuers range from hand-knitted clothes to fashion accessories; caps, bags, masks, and stationary to room décor for kids and much more.

To put in simple words if you are a mompreneur you can join hands with MBC to promote your creativity and hard work. To know more click here.

A few collections from MyBabyCart’s product range:
  • Clothes and accessories


MBC has the best collections to dress your kids in the best of the clothes and accessories.  I was totally amazed by the variety in their collection and the number of organic cloths they are having. And I am absolutely in love with the hair accessories and booties. MBC has a good collection of kids traditional wear too.

  • Toys and educational materials


Toys from brands like Fisher Price, Chicco, Baby Coo’s etc are available in MBC.

Handmade/handpicked toy collections from the momprenuers are also available in the toy section.

Board books, flash cards, puzzle boards etc that aid in your child’s mental development and education is also available in MBC.

  • Baby room décor and bath room supplies


From bed sheets to cribs, pillows, storage bins and much more, MBC provides a wide variety of colorful choices for you when it comes to baby room decors.

Organic hand made soaps, lotions or other bath essentials like towels; MBC has that too in their collection.

  • Maternity wear and mom gear


A good collection of maternity clothes, baby wraps, diaper bags, creams and lotions and breastfeeding gears like breast pumps are again a plus point for MBC.

Branded breast feeding essentials from Pigeon and Medela are also available here.

  • Gifts and party picks


Be it buying a gift for your kid’s or her friend’s birthday or selecting return gifts for party, MBC can provide choices you wouldn’t even think of. Party supplies including balloons, paper plates, cups, masks etc. are also available through MBC.

This is just a sneak peek into what is available at MyBabyCart.

You can visit the site MyBabyCart and find yourself flabbergasted by the wide variety of different and unique collection they are hosting.

Remember all these items are handpicked or hand made by mompreneurs who are moms just like you. So if you are a mompreneur MBC is a good platform to showcase the creative talent in you and earn some money.

Shipping and return policy by MyBabyCart:

MyBabyCart provides shipping to almost all parts of India. MBC has a customer friendly return and exchange policy.

Will I recommend MyBabyCart?

100% yes. For the shopper in you and the entrepreneur in you, I would say MyBabyCart is the perfect destination.

You can check their Facebook and Twitter page too.


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